AccessibilityNow® Validator

AccessibilityNow® Validator is a document scanning program that will inform you what level of accessibility your documents are at. This can be done on a document-by-document basis so when you are remediating documents you can ensure that you have done things correctly and completely. It can be invoked using an API (Java, .NET, C) as well as via command line and scripts.

Determine if PDF Content is Accessible

AccessibilityNow Validator is an automated tool for testing PDFs that will examine individual files and provides:

  • Checks for level of accessibility
  • Validation report
  • In Accessible PDF, Flat Text or XML format
  • Contains file specifics such as total pages, file size, creation date, validation date, author, and more
  • Identifies untagged content, number of artifacts, fillable form fields and more useful tagging details
  • Shows WCAG, PDF/UA and HHS elements checked
  • Detailed report creation containing compliance with PDF/UA, WCAG2.1 and HHS
  • Provides needed information to remediate when content is found to be not accessible
  • Experienced expert advice available to educate and instruct you on maintaining document accessibility
  • Return codes allow it to be used in an automated workflow system

Why Should AccessibilityNow Validator Be Important to You

Document accessibility lawsuits are increasing rapidly and having documents that are not accessible is a real threat, exposing you to huge fines, fees and settlements in the millions.

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AccessibilityNow® Validator

Document accessibility validation program that reports on the level of compliance. This can be done on a document-by-document basis so when you are remediating documents you can ensure that you have done things correctly and completely.
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