Enterprise Output Management

Solutions to your customer communications challenges.
  • Are shorter print runs slowing down print productivity?
  • Are excessive printstream transformation timeframes and errors impacting your ability to quickly onboard new applications?
  • Do you need to quickly transform existing, composed documents into responsive, mobile-ready communications?
  • Are end-to-end piece level tracking and proof of processing problematic due to non-standardized barcodes?
  • Is your team burdened with time-consuming, manual document QA processes and rework?
  • Can a document be quickly and easily removed from the production workstream before it goes to the post office?
  • Can you easily track and monitor the real-time status of all production processes and jobs across multiple sites?
  • Are your manual processes impacting your ability to take on new work or resulting in fines due to missed SLAs?
  • Are you spending more on document re-engineering due to increasing labor costs of skilled developers?

Operations Express

  • Automate print and mail room processes
  • Reengineer and manipulate existing print streams
  • Create index files and control files
  • Support for standard platforms and mainframe
  • Flexible configuration and integration options

PDF Accelerator

  • High performance, flexible PDF processing
  • Ensures high quality print results
  • Optimize PDF storage requirements
  • Flexible On Premise or SaaS implementation

PRO Conductor

  • Enterprise Application Integration Engine
  • Document level integrity, host-to-post
  • Interactive review and approval
  • Multi-site management
  • Integrated production history archive
  • Web2Print Storefront
  • Marketing collateral composition
  • Enterprise dashboard with SLA monitoring

PRO Designer Product Family

  • Powerful and easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Automatic conversion of all print resources and rendering commands
  • Index, transform and re-engineer documents without changes to existing applications
  • Digital proofing and support for test output

Print Stream Transformations

  • Flexible, fast and accurate print stream conversions
  • Support for all standard input and output formats
  • Reliable fidelity, single-pass processing, platform independence and cost effective implementation

Signed PDF

  • Adds digital signatures to PDF files to provide assurance to recipients that the information is from a trusted source
  • Secures the integrity of individual PDFs by preventing unauthorized modifications
  • Provides additional layer of protection beyond standard password security

PRO DocNow

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Adds flexibility to any print and mail operation
  • Reengineering, optimizing and normalizing print and PDF files
  • Increased operator productivity.
  • Fully automate document reengineering
  • No hardware and administrative costs.

PRO Print Manager

  • Full bi-directional control of IPDS printers
  • Efficient print queue control and management
  • Device level job accounting and automated error recovery
  • Integrates with PRO Conductor


  • Complex printstream manipulation up to 10x faster than other solutions
  • Simplifies efforts to maximize postal discounts
  • Optimize print and mail efficiencies
  • Easily implement communication delivery preferences


  • Streamlines the application onboarding process
  • Automates gathering of key data elements and setup steps for job processing
  • Allows users to review and verify results for accuracy
  • Increases flexibility and efficiency
  • Reduces costs, delays and resource demands

CrawfordTech QA Suite

  • Automate document QA processes
  • Ensure documents are accurate and compliant
  • Reduce resource demands and increase productivity
  • Reduce risk of ineffective testing
  • Save your organization valuable time and money

PRO InkJet Express

  • Quickly implement or migrate workflows for inkjet presses
  • Change formats, add color without recomposing print streams
  • Combine small jobs and segment large jobs
  • Minimal IT involvement with easy-to-use graphical interface

PRO Office

  • Easily convert Microsoft® Office documents to PDF for archiving, printing and emailing
  • Web service for integration with any infrastructure

PRO Workflow Family

  • Automate the processing, transform and enhancement of customer communications
  • Open platform for maximum flexibility
  • A wide range of configuration options

PRO Dynamic Document Archive

  • Archive and retrieve transactional customer communications
  • Store in native format, and present in a variety of formats
  • Compression of up to 90%
  • Easily integrate with any archive or ECM system

PRO Production Manager

  • End-to-end workflow design, management and reporting
  • Open platform for maximum flexibility
  • Real-time interactive dashboard
  • Automatically invoke document composition, re-engineering and other processes

Smart MailHub

  • Safe, secure processing of correspondence from Work From Home(WFH) environments
  • Eliminate compliance risk from untracked mail
  • Reduces cost of printing and mailing documents from WFH and remote office locations
  • Grow print volume and offer new competitive services

PRO Lockdown

  • Encrypt files for storage or transfer
  • Protect data from document creation through production processing
  • Comply with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA requirements
  • Secure files at the page level with AES 256 encryption

PRO Viewer

  • View production print streams like AFP, Metacode, PCL and PDF
  • View print files from archives and other document repositories
  • Complete quality assurance checks before a print file goes to print

A Service Provider Expands Production Capabilities

Image for A Service Provider Expands Production Capabilities

When this large, internationally distributed provider of payment technology and services took on a new project that required outputting over 800 million documents per year, they needed to streamline and automate their processes. They leveraged CrawfordTech solutions to automatically standardize the extensive range of incoming file types and reengineer the composed print stream, including applying new barcodes, swapping out images and replacing them with color images, and removing and adding banner pages. The result was a reliable and fast automated workflow that increased profits and saved more than 80% in configuration time.



Print data security and digital archives

You’re Missing a Step in Your Data Security

According to Security Magazine, there are more than 2,200 cyber-attacks a day. Broken down, that equates to one attack every 39 seconds.

Every day brings news of a new hack or hacking attempt. Because of this, your business has probably prioritized computer system intrusion prevention. You invest in tools that promise digital security. You implement them and assume you’re covered. You’ve taken all the necessary steps to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access. But what if you’re missing something?


Cloud Security

By implementing cloud security best practice guidelines, Crawford Technologies has implemented proper security measures providing ‘best-of-breed’ security practices with ‘world-class’ services customers can depend on.

DTE 5.3_ 2022_FeatureImage

DTE 5.3

Join us to learn about the latest features in Crawford Technologies’ DTE 5.3 Release, incorporating advanced capabilities to simplify the creation and delivery of customer communications. At the center of the CrawfordTech solutions portfolio is our Digital Transform Engine (DTE), proven to deliver superior functionality, efficiency and performance for the creation of customer communications including … Continue reading “DTE 5.3”

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We know that your success depends on more than high quality software. Our experienced professional services, training and support teams work closely with you to consult, customize, migrate, train and provide additional value-added services that ensure your implementation is efficient and productive. Our Document Accessibility Services and other Cloud based services deliver secure and scalable hosted solutions.

Crawford Technologies Professional Services staff are recognized for their in-depth knowledge and expertise in electronic document processing systems and applications. We provide a unique combination of knowledgeable IT professionals, industry-leading technology, and proven processes. We know what it takes to re-engineer documents and systems for optimal performance and profit.

Automate and streamline document Quality Assurance for all your Customer Communications. Monitor changes to your CCM software and document templates and reduce the risk of inadvertent errors.

We provide transcription, production, fulfillment and distribution of your critical customer communications at our secure facility. Our services include production of braille, large print, audio, e-text, and transcription to accessible PDF in multiple languages.

CrawfordTech Academy learning platform enables our customers to achieve maximum success with their communication production & delivery goals. Our experienced training professionals offer on-demand and instructor-led educational content that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Once your Crawford Technologies solution is in place, you can count on our unparalleled support staff, who average over 10 years experience in the high-volume transactional print-stream industry. Our customers have given us a +73 Net Promoter Score®, an objective indication of the quality of our post-sales team.

CrawfordTech’s STEP™ Migration Services relies on superior technology, proven processes and skilled professional services to deliver fast, accurate and reliable content migration when upgrading or consolidating content repositories or archives.