PRO Reprint Server

Automates Reprints and Reduces Printing Costs

For many organization, offering reprint services involves many costly manual processes fraught with errors. Not being able to provide customers with reprints and copies of important documents, bills and financial statements for insurance, banking, utilities, medical, mortgages, property taxes, credit cards and phone services in their preferred paper and electronic format is a nonstarter.

PRO Reprint Server helps you optimize customer reprint requests and make it a cost-effective operation while improving customer outcomes.

PRO Reprint Server will give you:

  • Increased Productivity and Reprint Flexibility
    Supports any number of concurrent requests from customer service representatives, account support specialists, and customers using self-service portals on their computer or mobile device to facilitate reprinting and mailing of archived documents, bills, and statements.
  • Reduced Reprint Operational Expenses
    Eliminates labor costs associated with manual reprint production and automates the reprint process for paper and electronic formats.
  • Improved Operational Performance
    Centralizes and automates customer reprint requests by batching them together.
  • Enhanced Integration with Business Applications
    Uses a Web Services REST API to provide application-level integration to pull customer documents, bills and statements from many widely adopted enterprise content management and archiving systems including OpenText Documentum, OpenText InfoArchive, IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) and IBM FileNet P8.
  • Decreased Compliance Risks
    Makes reprints of paper statements available for credit card, bank, and mortgage accounts, medical records, and any other document type as required by law.

PRO Reprint Server makes retrieving documents for reprints fast and flexible to fit business needs, suit customer preferences and create positive customer outcomes

  • Insurance Statements
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Banking Statements
  • Mortgage Accounts
  • Invoices
  • Auto Loans
  • Medical Documents
  • Property Tax Statements
  • Transportation documents
  • Utility Bills
  • Phone & Internet Statements
  • Transaction History
  • Account Activity
  • Explanation of Benefits

Success Story

An Energy Company Automates Reprints and Saves $1.6M Per Year

In order to better serve its 3+ million customers, a Fortune 500 energy company based in the Southern US migrated from a legacy Report Distribution and Management System (RDMS) to a modern Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to archive customer bills, statements, and other documents. The IT organization was tasked with ensuring that existing line-of-business applications and customer service processes — including ad hoc and batch reprint requests — integrated seamlessly with the new ECM solution.