PRO Archiver for InfoArchive

PRO Archiver for InfoArchive

Crawford Technologies has a twenty year track record in customer communications archiving and our products and expertise are used by hundreds of customers around the world. We offer marketing leading customer communications archiving technology integrated with the OpenText InfoArchive platform.

PRO Archiver is the only customer communications archiving solution designed for InfoArchive, and over 90 customers can testify to the benefits of archiving customer communications with InfoArchive.

PRO Archiver for InfoArchive Benefits

  • Archive customer communications for any industry, application, format or document type
  • Leverage CrawfordTech’s market leading technology for transformation and indexing
  • Manage high volume customer communications archiving by distributing processing in a multi-node architecture
  • Store customer communications in InfoArchive using advanced features like SIPs, lifecycles, workflow, security and content storage services
  • Search, retrieve and view customer communications using InfoArchive knowledge worker tools
  • Manage configuration of archiving processes using intuitive tools that simplify the development-test-debug lifecycle and extend key concepts into product

CrawfordTech have the people, products and experience to make your project happen.

A Large Bank Ensures Compliance & Improves the Customer Experience

Image for A Large Bank Ensures Compliance & Improves the Customer Experience

When this large European bank decided to bring customer communications archiving in-house, their goals were to ensure compliance with evolving regulations and improve the customer and staff online experience. There were numerous challenges. Over 25 different types of customer communications, needed to be supported and presented digitally, and they also needed to accommodate legacy report archives, like BMC Control-D. CrawfordTech’s PRO Archiver for InfoArchive allowed them to automatically convert high volume content and produce AFP content for output and PDF for online viewing.



Enhance PRO Archiver for InfoArchive with these Additions

PRO Designer

Powerful and easy-to-use tools at your fingertips to index, transform and re-engineer documents.

Redaction Express

Tools that help protect against the inadvertent and unintentional release of confidential information.

Signed PDF

Easy-to-use tool that lets you automatically apply a digital signature to your PDF output.

Operations Express

Adds flexibility to any print and mail operation by optimizing equipment utilization and increasing operator productivity.

Accessibility Express

Automate the process of accessible document creation, and easily convert transactional documents to Accessible PDF, Accessible HTML, and other accessible formats.

We're here to help you

We know that your success depends on more than high quality software. Our experienced professional services, training and support teams work closely with you to consult, customize, migrate, train and provide additional value-added services that ensure your implementation is efficient and productive. Our Document Accessibility Services and other Cloud based services deliver secure and scalable hosted solutions.

Crawford Technologies Professional Services staff are recognized for their in-depth knowledge and expertise in electronic document processing systems and applications. We provide a unique combination of knowledgeable IT professionals, industry-leading technology, and proven processes. We know what it takes to re-engineer documents and systems for optimal performance and profit.

Automate and streamline document Quality Assurance for all your Customer Communications. Monitor changes to your CCM software and document templates and reduce the risk of inadvertent errors.

We provide transcription, production, fulfillment and distribution of your critical customer communications at our secure facility. Our services include production of braille, large print, audio, e-text, and transcription to accessible PDF in multiple languages.

CrawfordTech Academy learning platform enables our customers to achieve maximum success with their communication production & delivery goals. Our experienced training professionals offer on-demand and instructor-led educational content that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Once your Crawford Technologies solution is in place, you can count on our unparalleled support staff, who average over 10 years experience in the high-volume transactional print-stream industry. Our customers have given us a +73 Net Promoter Score®, an objective indication of the quality of our post-sales team.

CrawfordTech’s STEP™ Migration Services relies on superior technology, proven processes and skilled professional services to deliver fast, accurate and reliable content migration when upgrading or consolidating content repositories or archives.