CCM Gateway SDK Platform Components

Digital Transformation Engine

  • Performs transformation of computer-generated print files including, AFP, Xerox Metacode/DJDE, Postscript, PCL and others used for customer communications - invoices, bills, and statements - into required formats for print, Web and electronic delivery.
  • Additional capabilities include redaction of PII/PHI, as well as barcode and image suppression.

PRO Dynamic Document Archive (DDA) File

The design behind the PRO Dynamic Document Archive (PRO DD Archive) and the resulting functionality is a high performance, cost effective, platform independent and scalable solution that allows archived print stream data to be retrieved in the format required on a request-by-request basis from a single source of data.

PRO Dynamic Document Archive is built from the ground up specifically for transactional document processing environments. This approach sets the industry standard due to its flexibility, efficient use of storage space and its ability to be tailored to any computing environment and set of applications.

The PRO DD Archive consists of a set of components that can plug into any archival or Content Management System to provide a total solution for the handling of advanced print stream applications. Each of the PRO DD Archive components can be integrated, used and managed independently. It provides the best method available for short-, long- and medium-term storage of print files, because it:

  • Retains the print data in its original format
  • Eliminates the need for maintaining two separate archives, one for print stream retention and one for online viewing and content management applications
  • Compresses the objects, reducing the storage requirements by up to 90%
  • Stores print resources internally for rock-solid version management
  • Provides direct access to pages and subdocuments using batch or interactive API
  • Offers sequential access to pages using batch retrieval and conversion programs
  • Integrates transparently and under the covers into any architecture
  • Allows the archive to be created, stored and read on virtually any computing platform
  • Handles different print formats including AFP, PDF, PCL, Xerox Metacode, Line Conditioned Data Stream, EBCDIC, ASCII and Line Print Data
  • Provides storage and retrieval speeds that are the fastest available in the market
  • Generates archive files that are portable across system platforms
  • Protects credit cardholder data and private health information with PCI DSS compliant encryption


Redacted text replaces the display of designated information with ‘X’s or blacked out spaces, making the original information unavailable and unreadable. This ensures the confidentiality of the original data ensuring compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA and other privacy regulations.

Barcode and image suppression

Customer communication documents originally designed for print and mail may have barcodes, OMR marks and other graphical elements applied to provide control information to finishing and mail insertion devices. These barcodes and other graphics can be removed prior to archiving or at the time of retrieval for display purposes.

Sunrise Web Services

REST API that provides integration between a web-based user interface application and the underlying content repository. It performs database access for index query and ‘hitlist’ display as well as document retrieval from the content repository. It invokes custom, multi-threaded, content transformations of documents using PRO Transforms. Content transformations are done in real time, within process and with extremely high throughput for thousands of concurrent users without limits to content type, volume, and location.

PRO Workflow Connector and Server

Used to transfer print-ready files from mainframe JES queues to network systems for processing. Includes unlimited workflow queues, unlimited destination types (Filesystems, FTP, LPR, etc.) and unlimited invocation of applications and. Includes ACIF support add-on.


Used to select multiple documents with differing formats, and then convert, merge and package the content into digital and print-ready bundles related to eDiscovery, case management and “request for information” regulations.

Input from:

  • Customer communication documents from print files
  • MS office document formats
  • Scanned Image files
  • PDF documents
  • Output is to a single PDF file.

Document Management System enhancements to output:

  • Overlays
  • Tables of Contents
  • Manifest lists
  • Notes
  • Watermarks
  • Page Numbering

PRO Designer

Provides a graphical interface to configure transforms for reengineer files with support for redaction and extraction of data for indexing and other purposes. It contains drop down menus, context sensitive help and documentation, and automatic syntax checking.

API Library

Provides APIs for integration and micro services to connect with and execute product modules providing seamless integration of applications into complex production workflows.

  • Sunrise – Previously described, can be called through web services and/or JAVA and .Net APIs from web portals or third-party applications.
  • PRO DDA API – Java, .NET and C/C++ APIs to call transform to DDA (described above) for integration into a document management workflow process
  • Riptide – Web Services, Java and .NET APIs to call Riptide functionality from line of business applications or workflows.
  • Transformation - Java, .NET and C/C++ APIs to call transform to and from DDA to other formats for display and integration to other business processes.