The eDeliveryNow® Platform is an open and modular framework that utilizes REST APIs and Web Services to make it extensible and adaptable to meet current and future customer communication needs.


AccessibilityNow provides high levels of automation and integration into any environment, the platform includes software solutions and a wide range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of all organizations, large and small, private sector and governments of all levels.



Multichannel Digital Output and Electronic Delivery of Customer Communications

Product Overview

The eDeliveryNow® Platform is an open and modular framework that utilizes REST APIs and Web Services to make it extensible and adaptable to meet current and future customer communication needs. It provides organizations with system components to personalize the delivery of customer communications via a customers’ preferred digital channel while achieving new efficiencies and cost savings. It eliminates the need to recompose print-ready documents or change up-front workflows. It efficiently transforms customer communications and documents originally designed and formatted for physical delivery into mobile ready, accessible formats. These communications can then be electronically sent via a customer’s preferred communication channel.


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eDeliveryNow®: Multichannel digital output and electronic delivery of customer communications
PRO Designer Operations Express Riptide Go Mobile eDeliveryNow® Preference Manager SunRise PRO Dynamic Document Archive

PRO Designer

PRO Designer is a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) design tool to quickly configure the actions and parameters that direct how fully composed files will be processed to deliver specific print or digital output.

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Operations Express

Operations Express is an advanced post composition solution for re-engineering and enhancing existing high volume print streams, eliminating the need to make expensive and time-consuming application changes upstream.

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Riptide® gives businesses a highly configurable, sophisticated content transformation and distribution engine.

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Go Mobile

Go Mobile from Crawford Technologies provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive tagging solution to create templates to transform existing transactional customer communications in AFP and PDF to responsive HTML5 communications that automatically adapt the layout to fit to any screen perfectly.

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eDeliveryNow® Preference Manager

eDeliveryNow® Preference Manger aligns customers’ preferred communication channels by capturing, storing, and managing preferences for eDelivery, accessible document, and traditional.

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Sunrise gives businesses a high-volume, modern content transformation manager. It is a Web services REST API for integrating customer communications at the content level.

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PRO Dynamic Document Archive

PRO Dynamic Document Archive is a high performance software product designed specifically for the archiving and retrieval of transactional customer communication documents.

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Improve customer satisfaction: send customers important communications via their preferred channel – a value-add to increasing customer retention..

Improve operational performance: centralizes content transformations in a consistent and automated manner.

Increase versatility and usability: manages the transformation of legacy print and file formats into universally and readily accessible formats for easy viewing and consumption.

Increase productivity and flexibility: makes content available anytime, anyplace, and anywhere for employees, partners, and customers.

Meet compliance requirements: packages content into digital and print bundles for “freedom of information” laws and “right to access information” requests.

Secure customer information: redacts personal identifiable information (PII) without altering the original document to ensure data privacy while preserving the legality of the original document.

Business Challenge

Customer attitudes towards business’ have changed. Customers expect better consistency, quality, availability, and value from organizations, whether that be making a purchase online, interacting with customer service, or receiving communications such as bills, statements and letters. They also want to customize their experience so it will be personalized for them. If enterprises can’t meet consumer expectations to deliver customer communications via their preferred communication touchpoint and channel, then they will switch to a businesses that will meet their expectations.

Customer Success Story

Product Details

Manage and Output Communications by Customer Preferences

eDeliveryNow® Preference Manger is a core part of the eDeliveryNow® Platform. It aligns customers’ preferred communication channels by capturing, storing, and managing preferences for eDelivery (email, text messaging/SMS, web portal, mobile, social media), accessible documents (PDF, PDF/A, Accessible PDF, HTML5, WCAG 2.1 web content), and traditional (print, mail, phone).

Integrate Customer Communications at the Content Level

The eDeliveryNow Platform has three different Web Services components that are used to integrate business systems and applications at the content level – Sunrise, Riptide® and CCM Gateway.

Sunrise is used to retrieve customer communications from enterprise content management (ECM) repositories and content services platforms (CSP) and transform them on-the-fly to a digital format for viewing at a user’s request.

Riptide® is used to retrieve customer communications in a batch process from enterprise content management (ECM) repositories and content services platforms (CSP). It converts the documents into a common format, e.g., PDF/A and packages the content into digital output bundles.

CCM Gateway is used to transform and transfer customer communications from enterprise content management (ECM) and other business systems to modern CSPs. CCM Gateway supports Hyland Nuxeo, Hyland Alfresco, and Microsoft SharePoint. There is a CCM Gateway Software Development Kit (SDK) for organizations that want to transform and transfer customer communications to other repositories and archives.

Centralize the Orchestration of Customer Communications

At the core of the eDeliveryNow Platform is PRO Conductor. It is a highly configurable and easy-to-use component used to hyper-automate workflows for creating, monitoring, and managing the production and output of customer communication. It is designed to easily integrate with other software systems and hardware. It is the central, comprehensive component needed to orchestrate production workflows for customer communications and documents. As organizations and customer communications evolve, PRO Conductor can be extended and enhanced to accommodate the addition of new business systems and applications or decommissioning legacy solutions.

Design and Configure Customer Communications Once

PRO Designer is a graphical user interface used to create document reengineering templates to update customer communication document formats after design and composition, and before print and eDelivery. It automatically loads customer communication document output resources and renders commands to the PRO Designer interface including fonts, forms, logos, images and colors. Individual objects such as text, images, barcodes and data can be added, edited/moved and removed from pages. Attributes such as color, font, size, and responsiveness can also be changed. Pages can be added, suppressed or removed. If communications contain PII and/or need to be made accessible and/or redacted, then PRO Designer can apply redaction policies and accessibility tags to ensure the document complies with laws and regulations. After a customer communication document template is created, PRO Conductor will schedule a job task for Preference Manager and Operation Express to process, transform and output the document based a customer’s preferred communication touchpoint and channel.

Transform and Reuse Existing Print-Ready Customer Communications

Go Mobile is used in the eDeliveryNow Platform to provide an easy-to-use, comprehensive tagging solution to transform existing composed documents in AFP or PDF into responsive HTML. It repurposes existing documents for mobile devices without extensive redesign efforts, specialized composition software or duplicative web application development. Customer communications that reside in legacy enterprise content management (ECM) archives and modern content services repositories (CSP) can be automatically retrieved and transformed into responsive HTML, allowing these documents to be multichannel and mobile-ready within fractions of a second.

Operations Express and its advanced document transformation engine is a foundational component of the eDeliveryNow Platform. It can transform fully composed, archived, print-ready documents including AFP, Xerox, PDF, PostScript, PCL, and others into modern and accessible formats (PDF, Accessible PDF, and HTML) for multichannel delivery. Operations Express works with PRO Designer to receive input about how a file needs to be transformed. Chosen by top-tier organizations to transform, reengineer, and repurpose print streams, images, and documents, it along with PRO Conductor and all the eDeliveryNow components bring speed, scalability and reliability to multichannel digital output and eDelivery.

Use Cases
  • Billing and Invoicing: Electronic delivery of bills, invoices and statements.
  • Account Updates: Electronic delivery of account statements, policies, and benefits
  • Service Notifications: Electronic delivery of outages, maintenance windows, planned downtimes, and emergency services
  • Customer Support: Electronic delivery of critical customer communications by customer support and customer service agents while speaking on the phone, during an electronic chat or by a chatbot.
  • HR Communications: Electronic delivery of payroll information, benefits and tax documents
  • Product Information: Electronic delivery of new product data, product setup and assembly instructions, product registration and warranty information.
  • Migration: Consolidate and move high-volume legacy enterprise customer communications and reports that include important documents such as bills and financial statements for insurance, banking, brokerages, utilities, medical, and others to a modern enterprise content management (ECM) system or content services platform (CSP).

The eDeliveryNow Platform and its modular REST API web services and applications components integrate with existing business systems and applications to provide organizations with the tools needed to personalize the delivery of customer communications via their customers’ preferred digital channel.

Manage and output communications by customer preference

  • Preference Manager: Capture, store and manage customer communication channel preferences for eDelivery

Integrate customer communications at the content level

  • Sunrise: Integrates business systems and applications for eDelivery
  • CCM Gateway: Ingest, index, transform, and archive/migrate customer communications for electronic presentment
  • Riptide: Convert and bundle disparate customer communication for electronic distribution

Centralize the orchestration of customer communications

  • PRO Conductor: Manage, orchestrate, and monitor the processes and delivery of customer communications

Design and configure customer communications once

  • PRO Designer: Configure transforming and reengineering rules
  • Go Mobile: Creates mobile ready HTML5 for multichannel distribution

Transform and reuse existing print-ready customer communications

  • Operations Express: Convert and compose print files for multichannel eDelivery


  • Professional Services: Provides services to plan, implement, integrate, automate, and monitor eDelivery processes
  • Assessments: Offers assessment of enterprise documents needed to be transformed into customer communications

Integration Options

  • Graphical User Interface
  • REST API Web Services
  • Command Line
  • Scripts

The eDeliveryNow Platform supports virtually any content transformation

Print formats
  • AFP to PDF
  • AFP to PDF/A
  • AFP to PDF/UA
  • AFP to HTML
  • AFP to accessible HTML
  • AFP to responsive HTML
  • AFP to TEXT
  • Xerox METACODE to PDF
  • Xerox METACODE to HTML
  • Xerox LCDS to PDF
  • Text to PDF
  • Text to HTML
Document formats
  • MS Word to PDF
  • EXCEL to PDF
  • PowerPoint to PDF
  • RTF to PDF
  • EML to PDF
  • EMLX to PDF
Image formats
  • TIFF to PDF
  • JPG to PDF
  • BMP to PDF

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