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Automatically Control Management of Transactional Data Within Your Workflow

Product Overview

DataPrep IServer is a high availability solution for controlling and managing the flow of data throughout an enterprise. Using a queue-based structure and built-in FTP, SMTP, HTTP and LPD daemons, DataPrep is easily configurable to control the processing and movement of data and documents within a multi-tiered workflow. Built with the philosophy of automation and reliability DataPrep has the ability to empower your organization to effectively manage all your production data workflows.

Built using ‘Actions’, DataPrep is designed with powerful logging and notification features so System Administrators can stay current with the distribution status of mission critical transactional documents.

Transactional document workflows are complex. Information and formatting must come and go in many formats and from many different sources. Add to that the growing complexity of multi-channel communications and the need to manage and maximize the workflow of high-volume, high-value documents has never been more demanding. That’s where our DataPrep can automate your routing and managing of files and provide a reliable workflow backbone.

DataPrep is the ultimate solution for controlling and managing the flow of enterprise data.


Automated Workflow Solution: Don’t be stuck with Manual steps and triggers in your CCM Workflow, DataPrep can automate all production workflow tasks into a seamless data flow.

Exceed SLA’s: DataPrep provides fast processing, routing, splinting, merging and distribution of your print files and production data files within your organization.

Data stream independence: DataPrep will call any of Crawford Technologies Print Stream Transforms to optimize print streams and formats automatically to the preferred PDL for your production and network printers.

Postal Software Integration: DataPrep can programmatically call your Postal Software applications to ensure that CASS/PAVE and NCOA are run on all files to ensure you maintain the best postage rates.

Improved Operation: DataPrep provides an open platform for maximum flexibility and provides a vendor neutral data workflow solution for your organization.

Improve operational reliability: DataPrep provides an unparalleled reliability for your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly communication workflows.

Logging & Reporting: Stay informed of your processes and using DataPrep’s powerful logging and notification features.

Business Challenge

Many Organizations and departments manually release and transmit, billing invoicing and other critical communication jobs to their Production Print and Mila departments and third-party outsourcers. Manual Steps create many challenges may include lack of automation, inefficiency, integration challenges and complexity. These are a few business challenges that can cause your entire critical communication and Print & Mail process to stop or miss an important deadline or service level.

Customer Success Story

Product Details

Improve data flow within your organization

  • Control the flow of data between enterprise applications
  • Mask file names for control over various file types
  • Call 3rd party executables for transforms, splitting and blocking

Distribute output

  • Email files using SMTP or MAPI
  • LPR files to any IP address
  • Control the distribution of print using key-values within the print data, input folders and/or filename
  • Distribute emails with attachments

Simplify batch processing

  • Setup multiple monitored directories
  • Throttle files for managing timing issues
  • Move, copy and delete files across the enterprise

Powerful Built in Workflow Actions

  • Move, Copy, delete
  • Record split
  • SharePoint Put
  • LPR, LPD
  • FTP put, FTP get
  • Archive
  • POP get
  • Unzip, Zip
  • Clean
  • Execute Command
  • Email Parse

DataPrep IServer’s modular architecture provides a solid high-availability platform for easily adding any of these modules for specific workflow requirements.


DataPrep PDFSplitter Module is a multi-functional module for data splitting, text extraction and index building. Built to integrate PDF or ASCII print streams with today’s Enterprise Content Management solutions, PDFSplitter bursts PDF documents for better security, optimal load times and detailed display control.


SendMail is a component of DataPrep IServer that provides users with a way to distribute large volumes of data attached emails to a user base. Used for the delivery of print data such as statements or invoices, the SendMail solution will match file names to email addresses then deliver the composed email using the SMTP protocol. When used in conjunction with other DataPrep products, SendMail becomes an integral part of an organizations distributive output requirements.


Text2PDF converts ASCII text to Adobe PDF format. Text fields within the data can be identified for building bookmarks in the PDF file and any Windows True Type font can be used. Page dimensions can be defined easily to create the PDF output you need.


PDFMerge merges PDF data with PDF overlays. With PDFMerge, you can create overlays with any design application that supports PDF output and then control positioning of the overlay to provide a final, fully formatted document

Use Cases

Automated Production workflows made reliable

DataPrep IServer with the right combination of modules to achieve a complete solution for your enterprise.

  • Routing of Productions Print Files and data sets.
  • Merging of Multiple Data Streams
  • Atomically Feeding a Production archive wile routing production print files
  • Calling Print Stream transforms to optimize your files to suite new print devices
  • Intel i7 quad-core CPU 2.5 GHz or higher
  • 16GB RAM
  • Fast local disk (SSD or 7200 RPM HDD) with 5GB free space
  • Windows 10 or newer
  • Windows Server 2012 or newer
  • Linux with a 2.6.x or newer kernel running dot NET Core 3.1

PRO Workflow Family

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DataPrep IServer is a high availability solution for controlling and managing the flow of data throughout an enterprise.

PRO Production Manager

PRO Production Manager is a powerful software solution designed to help businesses streamline their printing operations, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

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