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Secure Data Stream and Document Enhancement Workflows – All in the Cloud

Product Overview

With cSimpl, you have a web-based tool that allows you to quickly create advanced workflows for your data files in the cloud. You can use it to add a 2D barcode to power a new inserter, or to create a complex workflow that runs postal sorting, replaces pre-printed stock with full-color digital underlays, segments files based on page counts, and creates a MRDF file to automate and audit your entire post-print production workflow.

Using cSimpl, you can empower your workflow to ensure that your data is optimized for your printers and post-production equipment, without the upfront cost of expensive software or the need for extensive training and application setup that many organizations struggle with.

cSimpl also provides enterprise-level secure data enhancement of print streams, print file optimization, and enables you to drive legacy work and systems to new modern printers and mail inserters.

When it comes to fixing and repairing problematic PDF files, cSimpl is the fastest and simplest way to get the job done. It streamlines fonts, removes duplicate images and resources, and builds an improved and optimized PDF without losing quality or reducing resolution.

Lastly, cSimpl has access to the world’s fastest and most accurate print stream transforms and leading post-composition tools. These can enhance and modernize your data files to suit your printers and post-production equipment


cSimpl improves Production efficiency, by optimizing output to suit your printer and inserters.

cSimpl fixes bad PDF files, the advanced PDF Optimization can reduce the file size by up to 80% without losing quality of your print files.

cSimpl enables your organization to utilize all the latest features on many mail inserters, cutters, and Post print equipment using barcodes and MRDF/JIF/HAL files to drive efficiencies and auditing.

cSimpl provides, Splitting, Segmenting, sorting of mail pieces and documents within a print file to remove the need for manual hand sorting.

cSimpl Inkjet Underlay support enables you to run legacy B&W print files on full color devices by replacing bin and tray calls with full color PDF underlays. “Modernize your Documents”

cSimpl Optimization fixes the structure of print files to optimize the print file for the production press or printer.

cSimpl removed duplicate and unused resources form files that cause printer to struggle on large production files.

Business Challenge

  • Is your organizations struggling with Manual workflow steps?
  • Does your data not flow efficiently to your new printers and Post Production equipment like inserters?
  • Are your prints running slow because of poor data streams and Bad Print Files?
  • Do you still use OMR Marks or 3of9 Barcodes?
  • Are your staff manually hand inserting letters bills, statements and critical communication?
  • Is your production workflow old and inefficient?
  • Are you lacking the technology to feed your Automated Document Factory with clean modern data files?

Customer Success Story

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Product Details

cSimpl PDF Optimization – Fix Bad PDF Files

cSimpl is the fastest, simplest way to fix and repair your problematic PDF Files

  • Streamline Fonts
  • Fix PDF Structure
  • Consolidate Images & Graphics
  • Compress Large Files

Data Enhancement Print Stream Optimization

Post-Composition tools connect your data files to your Printers and Postproduction Equipment

  • Inserters
  • Folders
  • Inkjet Form Replacement
  • Addressing systems
  • Sorters

Advanced Workflow Automation – In the Cloud

cSimpl is your web-based tool to quickly create advanced workflows for your data files in the cloud.

  • Barcoding
  • Splitting
  • Segmenting
  • Forms replacement
  • Address Verification

Data Re-Engineering transforms your legacy and current data to suit new modern systems and workflows

  • Removal of old OMR marks
  • Removal of Legacy Barcodes
  • Production Page Grouping
  • Add Convenience breaks for Cut Sheet printers
  • Remove Legacy Banner Pages
  • Move Address Blocks to utilize Standard Double Window Envelopes

Remove the need for Manual Processes

  • Add modern barcodes and postproduction marks
  • Create Inserter Control Files
  • Remove the need for pre-printed forms
  • Sort & segment output into production grouping
  • Output files in the correct data streams for tray calls
  • Convert Simplex/Mixplex to Duplex by adding blank pages to ensure integrity

Ultimate solution for addressing your inefficient production files

  • Optimize poor performing PDF files
  • Remove duplicate fonts
  • Embed fonts
  • Transform fonts
  • Remove unused fonts
  • Image consolidation
  • Graphics optimization
  • Create a balance PDF page tree
  • Removal of duplicated or unused resources

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