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AccessibilityNow provides high levels of automation and integration into any environment, the platform includes software solutions and a wide range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of all organizations, large and small, private sector and governments of all levels.

AccessibilityNow® DocMD

Determine if Your Website Documents are Accessible, Get a Document Accessibility Checkup

Product Overview

DocMD makes the process of website document remediation quick and simple by doing all the work for you. It automatically finds any, and all, hosted documents, tests them for compliance and provides remediation options to fix those which are not accessible. The automated web crawler generates a detailed report with all the necessary information required to help you determine which files need attention.

Crawford Technologies’ AccessibilityNow DocMD is the answer organizations have been looking for. It is a cost-effective, easy-to-use and easy to deploy solution for automatically finding hosted documents, testing them for accessibility and providing various options for remediation.

As the tool is cloud based, it makes it very fast and easy to deploy, and because it was designed to be scalable, it is priced to fit any organization’s website needs, large or small.

The intuitive GUI makes navigating the tool simple and takes the guesswork out of making website content accessible, and with its automation process it leads organizations into compliance in no time at all.


  • Achieve and maintain website document accessibility compliance. Facilitates a quick, straightforward and effortless process for scanning, testing and fixing public facing documents.
  • Save time and money. Eliminates complicated tasks associated with document remediation. The trivial implementation delivers a cost-effective, scalable and flexible solution for website document compliance.
  • Avoid litigation risks and fees. Eliminates the risk of being exposed to regulatory fees and fines by continually monitoring and evaluating documents on websites for accessibility conformity.

Business Challenge

Most organizations begin the digital accessibility journey by making their websites accessible, but the hosted documents are overlooked, leaving these organizations exposed. The biggest challenge is that finding these hosted documents and determining if they are compliant can be an overwhelming task, let alone finding a way to convert them, or remediate them, into accessible documents.

Another problem organizations are facing is the time and expense associated with the remediation of hosted documents. They are finding that it can be a time-consuming process and quite costly, but it needs to be done not only because rules and regulations demand it, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Perhaps you realize your organization has a problem related to PDF accessibility, but you don’t know where to start to gauge the size of the problem or prioritize your remediation efforts. You can’t afford to ignore the problem; all it takes is one download of a non-accessible document to open the door to compliance litigation. If you have a fully accessible and compliant website, but the hosted documents have not yet been remediated, you are exposed to ADA related litigation. How many PDFs are there, and how many are not compliant? AccessibilityNow DocMD has the answers and is your first step towards online accessibility compliance.

Customer Success Story

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Product Details

Effective and Robust Website Document Accessibility

Using efficient, cost-effective web-crawling technology, AccessibilityNow DocMD examines a website to identify the number of stored documents, and then performs an accessibility assessment of each one.

AccessibilityNow DocMD is a cloud-based, scalable enterprise platform solution, designed to meet the needs of small web sites as well as major enterprises. It validates PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and EPUB documents.

Results, Reporting and Remediation

DocMD results are stored and can be used for various tasks, the most common being for reporting and remediation purposes. The below screen capture shows the results of a crawl, with the total number of each type of file. Part of the process of displaying the results is the ability to select files to be sent for remediation, this enables the ability to prioritize the documents before they are submitted.

Website Document Remediation Made Easy. DocMD evaluates each of the located files against industry standards (WCAG, PDF/UA and/or HHS) to determine document accessibility status. For those which are not accessible, multiple options are provided to meet your organization’s specific requirements for remediation.

Why you may need AccessibilityNow® DocMD

  • Do you have public facing documents on your website?
  • Do you wonder how many documents are on your website?
  • Are any of your website documents not WCAG and/or PDF/UA compliant?
  • Do you have problems related to PDF accessibility?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will benefit from DocMD. These are common issues that many organizations face which are easily solved by AccessibilityNow DocMD.

All you need to achieve, and maintain, full website document accessibility

  • Cloud-based for easy and immediate deployment and management
  • Cost-effective models to fit your environment
  • Automated website crawling process
  • Recurring scans to quickly achieve and maintain full compliance
  • Monitoring and on-going audits
  • Examine website to determine document content
  • Validation assessment against the latest WCAG, PDF/UA and HHS standards
  • Detailed document accessibility compliance report
  • Multiple remediation options to fit organizational requirements
    • Internal Remediation
    • Outsource
    • Combination of both
    • Other
  • Easy and intuitive dashboard
  • Keep track of website hosted documents

CrawfordTech’s robust solution suite, which includes AccessibilityNow DocMD, can provide you with the most cost-effective approach to achieving your enterprise-wide document accessibility goals.


DocMD was designed with integration in mind. It can function completely independently of anything else. However, it does have several AccessibilityNow pieces within its default functionality:

  • AccessibilityNow Validator for evaluating the compliance of the PDF files located during the crawl
  • AccessibilityNow Publisher for pre-tagging PDFs before routing them off for remediation (optional)
  • AccessibilityNow Dashboard for managing and controling the routing of PDF files for remediation (optional)

It can also be configured in a workflow in which other pieces could be integrated, such as:

  • AccessibilityNow Remediate for taking the non-compliant PDFs and completing the remediation process after Publisher was used for the automated pre-tagging
  • AccessibilityNow Validator as a stand-alone solution to evaluate any PDF, not just those located on the crawled website
  • Scalable cloud-based platform with web-based access
  • AWS EC2 Infrastructure. Designed to handle demand spikes
  • Security and compliance capabilities, leverages AWS S3 for data protection, maintaining regulatory compliance

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