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Crawford Technologies Supports Launch of ‘Inkjet Insight,’ an Educational Resource for the Production Inkjet Community

January 31, 2018, Toronto, ON – Crawford Technologies, provider of innovative document solutions that streamline, improve and manage customer communications, has announced its collaboration with Inkjet Insight, a valuable source of unbiased information for companies evaluating and using production inkjet. With a team of top industry analysts, Inkjet Insight’s mission is to provide the information and tools necessary to properly evaluate inkjet’s potential within a specific company and subsequently offer the resources to optimize inkjet operations for business growth.

Many of Crawford Technologies’ groundbreaking software solutions are included in Inkjet Insight’s Software Finder, a curated listing of software solutions that make a production inkjet environment more efficient, streamlining business processes and automating workflows for inkjet technology users.

Four of the flagship solutions that have expanded listings are:

  • PRO Inkjet Express—This scalable solution allows users to enable an automated workflow for inkjet presses. Its flexibility makes it possible for customers to migrate existing processes without reengineering ongoing production workflows and recreating existing print streams.
  • PRO Conductor—A user-friendly web-based workflow management system that supports each step of the customer communications management (CCM) process. Output processes can be viewed in real-time as they are automatically monitored, automated and managed.
  • Redaction Express—A solution for replacing documents’ sensitive information with scrambled text, ensuring the security of private and confidential information during testing of inkjet printing applications.
  • PRO Lockdown—Security throughout the document lifecycle is critical. This solution provides the ability to encrypt print files on a page-by-page basis, ensuring secure, high-performing print files for transmission from document creators to print facilities.

“Software is critical to the successful adoption of inkjet technology, so we are excited to have Crawford Technologies support as a charter sponsor of Inkjet Insight’s Software Finder,” said Elizabeth Gooding, president and co-founder of Inkjet Insight. “The solutions that Crawford Technologies provides are critical to achieving cost reductions and productivity gains within inkjet printing environments.”

“We look forward to supporting Inkjet Insight as we see it as a valuable resource on inkjet production,”

said Ernie Crawford, president and CEO of Crawford Technologies. “The industry was ripe for a knowledge portal concerning inkjet adoption and Inkjet Insight answers that need. Being on the ground-floor of this endeavor is a privilege as we work together to help print providers grow their businesses with inkjet technology.”

A white paper commissioned by Crawford Technologies, “Building End-to-End Data Security into Inkjet Print Operations” written by Inkjet Insight for inkjet professionals, can be downloaded here.

For more information and for access to the Software Finder through a free or paid premium membership, visit Inkjet Insight at https://inkjetinsight.com/.

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