April 24, 2020

What You Should Wear to the Customer Communications Virtual Summit and why you do NOT want to miss this event

Lynda Hansen | Sr. Manager, Product Management
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What should you wear to this event?

This is a really important question given the current environment we are all living in right now.   Let me share the good news – what you wear is totally up to you!  Be as comfy as you want!  You don’t have to wear a suit and tie, a name badge and what’s even more important – there’s no need to worry about social distancing, so you don’t have to wear a mask.  That is unless you have a really cool mask that you like to wear around your home or office.

What is the Customer Communications Virtual Summit and why should you attend?

Another good question.  While many of the industry events you were planning to attend this spring and summer have either been cancelled or postponed, it doesn't mean that you have to miss out on gaining the insights from recognized industry experts, customers and enterprise leaders about the technologies and best practices that can help organizations grow and thrive.  And to be quite honest, we here at Crawford Technologies miss having the opportunity to share these experiences with you and we know our colleagues do as well.   But we didn't want this to be just be another invitation to a webinar.  So we decided that the best way to get everyone together would be to host a full day, complimentary Customer Communications Virtual Summit where our industry experts can share their knowledge and experiences related to improving customer experience, understanding and achieving regulatory compliance and optimizing customer communications across 3 tracks - Output Management, eDelivery and Document Accessibility.   With 30 sessions focused on thought leadership, case studies, user experiences and collaboration opportunities, the Virtual Summit is more than just another webinar - it is an ideal and timely opportunity to easily stay on top of the latest industry trends and topics.

Who will be speaking?

We are thrilled to have an amazing lineup of the most respected customer communications industry experts and enterprise leaders for this event.  Our Keynote speaker, Matt Swain, managing director and practice lead at Broadridge Communications and Customer Experience (CX) Consulting, will share his perspective on the future of communications relative to business priorities and customer preferences in the wake of COVID-19 and how some temporary measures are likely to morph into new norms for communications in the future.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from Kaspar Roos, founder and CEO of Aspire Customer Communications Services; Gina Ferrara, senior analyst at Madison Advisors; Pat McGrew, managing director of The McGrew Group; Laney Feingold, lawyer and writer at the Law Offices of Lainey Feingold; and Pina D’Intino, founder of Aequum Global Access.

Our customers will also be sharing their insights and strategies for optimizing customer communications including John Slaney from Content Critical Solutions, Kathy Lovell from Regions Bank, Birkir Gunnarssen from Truist and Ken Schmidt from Ameritas.   And you will also hear from our partners -  BlueCrest, Canon, BCC Software, Nuxeo, Delphax Solutions, enChoice, Microsoft, Pitney Bowes Software, Deque, AO Docs and Open Access Technologies.

Make sure to Register Today

So, make sure to check out the agenda and register for this exciting industry event.  And if you need another reason to attend?  You definitely won't have tired, aching, blistered feet at the end of the day.

Register today and I hope to "see" you at our first Customer Communications Virtual Summit on May 6th.