April 28, 2021

The Net Promoter Score – Why It Matters to Us, Our Customers and to You

Ernie Crawford | CEO & President

At Crawford Technologies, our number one priority is making our customers happy with our products, services and solutions. We look at ourselves through their eyes to understand where we’re meeting and exceeding expectations, and what opportunities exist for us to improve.

One tool we rely on is the Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®.  It is a widely used and understood customer experience metric to track customer loyalty. It gives all organizations a standardized "yardstick" to gauge customer loyalty and compare scores to organizations in other industries.

To Crawford Technologies, our NPS matters a lot. In fact, we post our NPS on our website so those doing business – or thinking of doing business – with us have real, measurable information about how our customers view us.

How NPS is Measured

Crawford Technologies NPS is based on responses to a single question, typically on a scale from 0 to 10:

"How likely are you to recommend Crawford Technologies Inc. to a friend or colleague?

Our promoters are those who respond with a score of 9 to 10, and they are likely to create the most value, such as buying more, remaining customers for longer, and making more positive referrals to other potential customers. Detractors, responding with a score of 0 to 6 are believed to be less likely to exhibit value-creating behaviors.

Responses of 7 and 8 are labeled passives, and their behavior falls in the middle of promoters and detractors.

The Net Promoter Score of Crawford Technologies Inc. is a number from -100 to 100 calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of customers who are Promoters.

Crawford Technologies NPS

Crawford Technologies NPS is +73, which is excellent. To put this into perspective, a score between 0 and 30 is good, however, there is still room for progress. If an NPS is higher than 30 that indicates that a company is doing well and has far more happy customers than unhappy ones. An NPS over 70 indicates that customers are loyal and will generate a lot of positive word-of-mouth from referrals and online reviews.

Our NPS of +73 proves that we deliver excellent products, services, and customer support. It confirms that we, Crawford Technologies, go out of our way to make sure our customers are happy, satisfied, and wanting to recommend Crawford Technologies to others.

Why it Matters to You!

Customer loyalty is the result of happy, satisfied customers who have great positive experiences and know the value they receive from a business. Most organizations can show statistics to support their claim that they have happy and loyal customers. But as we all know, there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” By using a standardized approach to measure customer loyalty, the playing field is level for all participants. You need to ask before buying, “What is your NPS?” If an organization doesn’t have one, then look elsewhere.

When I say we are committed to making our customers happy and satisfied with our products, services and solutions, I mean it. We measure our customer loyalty using NPS and manage our customers’ happiness and satisfaction. Our commitment is unwavering.

  • We will take care of you.
  • We will work hard to earn your trust.
  • We will provide fantastic service and support.
  • We will continue to innovate new solutions.
  • We have your back and our +73 NPS proves it.

We have the right combination of innovation, integrity and reliability to ensure your success.