June 18, 2020

New Features and Enhancements in Crawford Technologies DTE4.11

Lynda Hansen | Sr. Manager, Product Management
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We are pleased to announce the release of CrawfordTech version DTE 4.11. DTE or Digital Transform Engine, which is the foundation of the CrawfordTech solution portfolio, encompassing our document transformation and reengineering technology as well as our document accessibility conversion software and other supporting solutions.

Productivity, efficiency, ease of use and cost reductions are critical areas of focus to ensure businesses remain competitive.   Our goal with the continuous improvement of our DTE solutions is to enable our customers to achieve these benefits with the ability to efficiently and cost effectively process customer communications.

New capabilities in DTE 4.11 include:

  • Streamlined ability to split PDF files into multiple files with greater speed and flexibility.  This significantly decreases processing time while allowing users to create separate files for different delivery channels as well as mail sortation requirements, enabling greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Performance enhancement enabling rapid resequencing of large files.  This enhancement reduces the processing time to output select subdocuments in a specified order leveraging significantly faster resource de-duplication, providing increased speed and accuracy for processing complex postal sorting requirements.
  • Functionality that intelligently automates and streamlines the creation of accessible communications. DTE V4.11 continues to improve the ease with which unstructured documents can be converted into Accessible PDF (WCAG 2.1), PDF/UA and Accessible HTML, offering increased foreign language support and simplified document remediation. This helps organizations achieve compliance with accessibility regulations.

And many other enhancements that continue to streamline document conversions and reengineering tasks for our growing customer base.

If you are a customer or partner and would like to learn more about the enhancements in DTE 4.11, check out our webinar recording with Harvey Gross, VP of Products and Lynda Hansen discussing this release in more detail.

CrawfordTech DTE is released with new features and enhancements every 6 months to best serve our partners, our customers, and to stay aligned with industry trends. Each release contains updates as requested by our customers, product management team, our sales team, and our partners. Your ideas and feedback are important to us and we welcome your input to help us create solutions that improve and enhance your productivity and customer communications business.