March 3, 2017

Ernie’s Corner – March 2015

By: Ernie Crawford, M-EDP, President and CEO Happy New Year! At this time of year, I often take some time to reflect on the past year and assess where we are going. This year I focused on why I started the company and how far we have come. Simply put, CrawfordTech is all about providing … Continue reading “Ernie’s Corner – March 2015”

By: Ernie Crawford, M-EDP, President and CEO

Happy New Year! At this time of year, I often take some time to reflect on the past year and assess where we are going. This year I focused on why I started the company and how far we have come. Simply put, CrawfordTech is all about providing organizations with solutions that make things work better. We develop software that makes your hardware and software perform better. We have been in your shoes in both service providers and enterprises, and we apply our real world experience to solving the problems your face daily.

In January I had the pleasure to announce our 2014 results—the highest revenue in the nearly 20 year history of Crawford Technologies. This is a testament to the team of dedicated professionals who work at Crawford Technologies and the belief and trust our customers and partners have in the team.

Leading up to our 20th anniversary in November, Crawford Technologies will be participating in many educational, partner and trade show events, where I hope to meet some of you to discuss with you the trends and challenges that are driving change within your organizations.

As you are probably experiencing in your businesses, change is happening quickly in Customer Communications Management (CCM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Archiving and Document Accessibility. The transition from paper based workflows to digital workflows, the growth of big data and analytics, the emergence of inkjet technology, the retirement or migration of legacy applications to new platforms, and the cloud are all forcing us to think differently about how to deploy and leverage technology. Crawford Technologies can help you and your company address these challenges. Our technology solutions are positioned at the nexus — or intersection — of CCM, ECM and analytics. The case study included in this issue illustrates perfectly how legacy systems, archived documents, and data can be leveraged in new ways — analytics in this case — using CrawfordTech software and services.

Consider the possibility of automating, tracking and delivering your customer communications with more speed, accuracy and reduced cost. Communicate better with your current and future customers by adding an accessible document strategy that is inclusive of braille, Large Print, audio, E-text and Accessible PDF. And protect your organizations’ and customers’ identifiable, private and sensitive information through the use of automated rule-based redaction in output management workflows and ECM systems.

As we look ahead to the end of first quarter and the rest of 2015, I want to highlight an upcoming event and the other articles within this issue of the Crawford Courier.

First, we will be holding our second spring solution summit event this April ahead of Xploration 15 in Orlando. Forward 2015 – Delivering a Superior Customer Experience, is open to all current and future customers and partners - With user presentations, live demonstrations and interaction with our subject matter experts, it is primed to be another rewarding event. I invite you to sign up via

Last, but certainly not least, are the articles contained in this issue of the Crawford Courier:

  1. Meeting Credit Card Issuers Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  2. Keeping Customer Communications Secure: There Must Be a Better Way!
  3. COO to Operations Manager: Will Inkjet Really Save Us Money in Print and Mail?
  4. When Customer Communications and Document Accessibility Goes Wrong
  5. Crawford Technologies First to Support Canada’s ‘Edie Mourre’ Scholarship

Of particular interest to our customers in the financial market, we have included a compliance case study that illustrates how 10 years of archived credit card statements stored in CMOD were extracted, transformed, and loaded using Crawford Technologies’ know-how and software into a data warehouse to support a critical e-discovery analytics project.

Privacy and Security are also topics that continue to make the news—and you can understand why, especially if your credit card account has been breached recently. Our article provides a fresh look at a better way to keep your customers’ data secure.

For the in-plant print and mail operations or print service providers, we tell the story of how an operations manager seeks to answer his COO’s question: Will Inkjet really save us money in print and mail? You might be surprised by the answer. Then, tune into our narrative about Rachael, based on a true story, regarding how her financial services provider dropped the ball when trying to provide her with accessible transaction documents that she could actually use. Hopefully, the embedded links and resources at the end of the article will lead you to some practical ways in which you can avoid some common document accessibility missteps.

Finally, Crawford Technologies tries to give back to the industries we work in through volunteerism and support through charitable acts. Our final article talks about our support of the ‘Edie Mourre’ Scholarship and how it will help support those with low or no vision.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the Crawford Courier and I look forward to your comments and how our team here at Crawford Technologies can help you and your business achieve your goals.

Ernie Crawford