March 3, 2017

Archiving Native Print Files: How to Gain Efficiency and Reduce Cost

By Jim Perkins

When evaluating the content in your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, most organizations find that they have a wide and disparate type of document assets. These document assets can range from reports to office documents to e-mails; some are critical to the running of the business and others need to be archived for historical purposes.

For Financial, Insurance, Health Care and Government sectors, there is a specific need to archive transactional customer communications such as bills, statements and policies. This type of transactional customer data is normally represented in native print file types (print-streams) such as AFP and Xerox Metacode, which can pose challenges when trying to archive into an ECM system like EMC’s Documentum, IBM FileNet and Microsoft SharePoint. These challenges can include:

  • Inefficient storage processes and models
  • Loss of information stored in the native print file (resources, fonts, etc.)
  • Added overhead from required file conversion into the ECM and out for viewing and reprint
  • Additional lead time when an archived and converted print file needs to be used for reprints or repurposing.

Recently, Crawford Technologies announced PRO Archiver 3.0 to help address the needs of our customers and potential customers with these types of critical transactional customer communications. This upgrade allows customers to address the known challenges with archiving native print files, allowing them to take advantage of increased operational efficiencies when archiving in to their preferred ECM system. PRO Archiver 3.0 can also reduce overhead associated with print file conversion by storing the native print file (and all the resources) directly into the ECM system.

By archiving print files in their native print file format, organizations can streamline their archive processes, guarantee the fidelity of the print file for regulatory compliance and quickly reuse the print file for reprint and repurposing projects. On the retrieval side, PRO Archiver 3.0 provides the ability to quickly view the native print files either in the original format or by a conversion to PDF, TIFF or other formats.

Have you ever had the challenge of trying to reprint a transactional customer document after it had been converted for archiving? What about repurposing it quickly for use in a new or similar project?

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