May 14, 2021

The rise in complex PDF sortation and concatenation

Lynda Hansen | Sr. Product Manager

As ERP systems and policy generation platforms have migrated to generating PDF output, the demands on post composition systems have increased drastically to accommodate the limited scope of these systems.

Many of these SaaS and cloud-based software systems improve the generation of insurance, mortgages, and renewal documents and other critical customer communications, however, they traditionally do not consider the downstream handling or mailing processes.

IT and mailing departments are being strained to deal with output that is no longer easy to assemble and mail. Mailing departments are having to hand sort and rely on people to collate and insert output into envelopes.

“It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… No, it’s TurboFlow!”

CrawfordTech’s TurboFlow intelligently bundles, sorts, and processes print files or PDFs to create relevant output at computer speed while eliminating the need for custom programming, or manual sorting.

Business Case #1 – Insurance Policy Output

With insurance policy generation and customer facing document production occurring from multiple legacy systems, the required document(s) typically need to be sorted, assembled, and then barcoded for mechanical inserter operation. Even in 2021, hundreds of organizations are still doing this manually. This is  especially true with larger more complex and higher value policies.

Organizations are looking for ways to automate this process. They need this correspondence handled with 100% accuracy and delivered to the end user as soon as possible.

Crawford Technologies TurboFlow solution can automate the complex task of accurately sorting, splitting, and bundling of these policy documents and that output is optimized for the production mailing process. Complete with page level barcodes and mailing verification software; mail piece integrity can be ensured.

Business Case #2 – Mobius Report Distribution

As companies continue to migrate from legacy report systems, like Mobius, to newer cloud-base and open source, legacy style report building, bundling and distribution becomes more challenging.

It is common for a reporting system to generate multiple large reports that need to be split in order to  provide managers, sites, or salespeople with access to their specific sections of each report. This would be acceptable if the requirement were just from page 58-65 of a 100-page file, however many times the content that is needed is spread across multiple files.

Agent 1 File#1, Pages 58,7

Agent 1 File#2, Pages 112,8

Agent 1 File#4, Pages 300,2

In this example, Agent1 has access to 7 pages in file one, 8 pages in file 2 and 2 pages in file 4 and no access to any information in file 3.  This request may seem rather antiquated in a digital web-based world, however, it remains a problem that thousands of companies with mainframes and other legacy systems continue to face.

TurboFlow can automate splitting these files into segments - bundling and merging of all of these reports at speeds of 1000’s of pages per second and create PDF files for local printing, for secure online viewing or attached to an email for eDelivery. And the technology does not stop there; should you have employees that require accessible content, Crawford Technologies can also provide accessible PDF or HTML for specific users.

TurboFlow is a component of Crawford Technologies’ Enterprise Output Management suite of solutions.  It leverages our in-depth knowledge and unequaled expertise with printstream processing to ensure successful, cost-effective results.  This solution can be invoked using an API (Java, .NET, C), command line and scripts and integrates with our eDeliveryNow Preference Manager, document re-engineering, QA and PRO Conductor production workflow solution for print and electronic document delivery.

To learn more about TurboFlow and how it can help in your organization, visit: or you can contact the author of this blog post, Lynda Hansen at