October 11, 2018

Red Hot Technology

Leslie Wengenroth | Director of Marketing
Red Hot Technology award logo

CrawfordTech recently exhibited at Print ’18, where we were honored with a Red Hot Technology award in the Workflow Automation category for QA in the Cloud.

Automating production workflows has been a big topic for many years at Print and other industry tradeshows. However, document QA is an aspect of automated workflows that is often not considered – even though it should be!

As a starting point, let’s consider the challenges in effectively testing customer communications. Putting the optimal tools, infrastructure and skilled resources in place can be daunting and expensive. Keeping up with release cycles, particularly when dealing with the more frequent release cycles that agile development methodologies support is difficult. And of course the consequences of inadequate testing can be serious.

Recognizing that implementing a reliable and automated quality assurance process for document testing is a challenge for many organizations, we leveraged its own regression testing tools to create a suite of products that address a range of production QA needs. With QA in the Cloud, quality assurance professionals have all the tools they need to automate their testing workflow, saving time, reducing errors, and supporting faster and more reliable release cycles.

QA in the Cloud is a cloud-based or on-premise solution that provides fully automated life cycle testing of any document creation process. As part of the CrawfordTech QA Suite, QA in the Cloud focuses on enabling organizations to properly equip themselves to implement a true QA environment; ensuring that vital customer communications are produced accurately every time.

There are a number of document testing scenarios that are idea for QA in the Cloud, including, but not limited to:

  • Regression testing
  • Testing migrations from one system to another
  • Verifying the results of outsourcing/insourcing
  • Facilitating user acceptance testing

Users can create an unlimited number of test cases and can schedule test runs to meet internal and customer-driven deadlines; enabling every document produced to run through a QA step and ensure accuracy. A web-based dashboard provides monitoring and results 24/7 from any location, and the system automatically generates email reports.

As a cloud service, QA in the Cloud is hosted on a private cloud infrastructure in our data center that is PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOC2 compliant.

This truly is an innovative solution, and we’re very pleased that it was recognized by Print.