December 13, 2017

Nobody Likes Last Minute Pulls

Stephanie Pieruccini | Product Marketing Manager
inkjet production

“I need you to pull the statements for some of our accounts so they don’t go out in the mail. Is it too late?”

Every transactional document service provider fields calls like this from their clients. The usual response is, “I don’t know. I’ll call you back.” Then the scramble begins.

Operations staff must perform a series of manual steps to locate the documents clients want removed from the mailing. Often service providers have no way of extracting individual pages from a job until they print it. Frequently, the operations department handles last-minute pulls by searching through trays of finished mail. Someone has to adjust mailing reports, log the incident as a manual intervention, and return the pulled documents to the client.

Besides being incredibly disruptive, handling inquiries from anxious clients by chasing mail around the shop results in a sub-standard customer experience. They don’t like being asked to wait for an answer. And of course a time-consuming and manual process increases the chances of errors.

Client Controls

Fortunately, there’s a better way. With Review and Release from Crawford Technologies, you can give your clients more visibility into their jobs. They can mark the pull documents themselves, avoiding the fire drill familiar to so many print and mail service providers.

Review and Release’s Hold feature ensures jobs are not printed until clients review the work, pull any unnecessary pages, and release the job for production.

Some high value jobs require client reviews before allowing the job to continue. In-person press checks are difficult to schedule and create excessive idle time while waiting for clients to arrive on site. The Hold function eliminates this bottleneck by allowing clients to view PDF representations of production print. The client releases the job after they approve the electronic copy.

Another useful application of Review and Release applies to documents subject to periodic audits. Instead of printing a complete second set of documents for the auditors, the officials can perform their duties online. Clients will no longer bear the cost to print, deliver, and securely destroy auditor copies, and the auditors can finish their work more efficiently.

Rights management functionality built into Review and Release ensures only authorized persons can access sensitive documents. The system maintains a record of which documents were opened and by whom.

Use Review and Release to verify programming changes or new application development. Instead of wasting ink and paper for manual visual inspection, have the technical staff confirm their modifications via an online review. This feature is especially useful for data-driven documents where variables control image selection, formatting, or text blocks.

Review and Release addresses an issue that keeps print and mail service providers from delivering superior customer service – a critical competitive differentiator. To be successful in the marketplace, service providers need to distinguish themselves with above average service and performance. Review and Release is one way to accomplish that goal.

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