February 16, 2017

5 Ways Software and Inkjet Can Optimize Your Mailing Costs

glasses on top of various charts hand writing on clipboard

With an investment in Inkjet you can see productivity gains and cost reduction in multiple areas; one of the areas that is often overlooked or considered too complex is postal mail. This topic is discussed in more detail in our Feb. 16 webinar – Save Money and Get More from the U.S. Postal Service.

In addition to the 2017 promotions that the webinar discusses, consider these other methods you can employ in conjunction with color inkjet production printing to optimize your mail processes and save money:

• Combine print jobs to increase mail densities

• Use color to take advantage of current postal discounts

• Eliminate pre-printed forms with plain paper workflows

• Make changes to the print stream in order to take advantages of inserter features and functions

• Leverage the print stream to match your print file with your pre-sort software

I know what you’re thinking, “If it was that easy everyone would be doing it.” This is where additional software solutions come into play. All of the above ways to improve your mail process can be supported by the right Customer Communications Management or production print workflow software solutions.

Many companies are constrained by the legacy applications that drive the composition or production of their printed and mailed customer communications. The challenge with legacy applications for most organizations is the lack of flexibility—meaning it takes time and effort to change how communications are produced.

How can you solve the challenge? Consider using software to combine like job types after they are composed by your legacy applications. Then add value by modifying the print files in order to do things like add color, or insert postal barcodes. CrawfordTech solutions Operations Express and PRO Inkjet Express do all of this and more.

Perhaps you have a new inserter. Are you able to use all the features given the structure of your current customer communications print files? If you aren’t, this is where software solutions that Crawford Technologies provides can be integrated into your workflow to modify and unlock your CCM to leverage new and old technology in your workflow—and in turn improve workflow efficiency and reduce cost.

Saving money and offering more to your customers is an unbeatable combination!

If you’ve missed today’s webinar, you can access the recording to learn more.