October 25, 2017

Next Generation Digital Flow with Alfresco & CrawfordTech

Tim Nelms | VP of Partner Management and International Sales
enterprise content management graphic

As a 20+ year old technology company, we partner with some of the biggest enterprise print and content management companies in the industry. One of the most recent of these is Alfresco —  a new breed of open source software focused on the enterprise content management market segment.

Alfresco brings a deep history in the ECM market. John Newton, the founder and CTO, was one of the founders of Documentum, and many of the folks at Alfresco have careers that span IBM, Documentum and OpenText. This experience makes Alfresco a logical choice for large enterprises seeking the next step in their ECM strategy.

One of the key themes of Alfresco’s approach to ECM is digital flow, which they define as the ability for businesses to improve performance through transforming business processes with digital technologies. It is appropriate that Alfresco are choosing to adopt this approach at a time when they have combined content management (Alfresco) with business process management (Activiti) into a unified platform. When considering their partnership with Amazon AWS to bring the benefits of the Alfresco platform to the cloud, the resulting message is that Alfresco is a next generation, cloud enabled platform for digital transformation initiatives.

At CrawfordTech we’re working with Alfresco to enhance digital flow by managing and converting customer communications – the statements, letters and correspondence generated from document composition systems and line of business applications – that need to be part of digital business processes. Call center staff don’t just need to reference in-bound communications such as scanned letters, they need a 360 degree view of the customer that includes outbound correspondence.

Digital flow for outbound customer communications is an essential part of the digital initiatives of our joint customers. Digital flow means customers have self-service access to their statements and letters online, reducing the load on call centers. Digital flow means that organizations are not only dependent on print and posting mail items to service customers. Digital flow means saving money through the use of exclusively digital channels for those customers who choose them. Digital flow means ensuring that every document becomes an accessible document repurposed for Accessible PDF and HTML5.

At CrawfordTech we’re committed to making sure that Alfresco has a well-rounded set of digital capabilities that making it a viable alternative to legacy enterprise archives deployed on the mainframe. We have tested and certified Alfresco for use as a high volume transactional, enterprise archive ensuring that customers can migrate to Alfresco in the full knowledge that it is supported for these use cases by an industry leader in the field - CrawfordTech.

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