May 10, 2017

AFP Technical Series

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Over the last few months, through a series of blogs and short technical demonstrations, we have been looking in detail at Advanced Function Presentation (AFP), the technology that underpins an enterprise archive.

We believe that by understanding the origins of AFP, its architecture and richness, the ease with which it can be converted and repurposed, and how AFP encapsulates your reports and customer communications, you will understand better how your data can be accessed or migrated to modern platforms, providing real value to the information that you hold.

In case you didn’t catch this series so far here’s a summary of what you’ve missed and the links to the original blogs so that you can take a look.


In Know Your Archive Pt.1 we began by looking at the early days of archive technology and how legacy data challenges can affect the changes that businesses want to make today. Then in Know Your Archive Pt.2 we charted the evolution of AFP, from its origins as an IBM standard, through its adoption as the de facto language of transactional print, to a coordinated set of document creation, viewing, archiving and printing standards maintained and enhanced by the AFP Consortium.

In AFP Building Blocks we showed you the comprehensive sets of standards that AFP is comprised of and how they interact and operate together.  Then in Understanding Your Archive Storage Requirements Pt.1, by building on your understanding of AFP, we took a closer look at the storage requirements for a Customer Communications Archive and the data types that are stored within it. And in Understanding your Archive Storage Requirements Pt.2 we looked at the options available for long term archiving.

Most recently in Understanding Your Archive Document Retrieval Pt.1 we began to look at how document retrieval techniques utilize your archive and in Understanding Your Archive Document Retrieval Pt.2 we concluded our review of retrieval techniques and also took a  look at the additional features that can be added to documents to enhance their security within your archive.

Technical Demonstrations

We have also released a series of short videos to accompany this series which you’ll find here:

  1. Introduction to AFP
  2. Know your OCA
  3. AFP to PDF Conversion Demo
  4. AFP Indexing Demo
  5. Optimizing Archive Storage
  6. Document Retrieval from Optimized Archive Storage

We still have more to explore in this AFP Series so why not sign up here and we’ll let you know what’s coming next so you don’t miss out.