August 10, 2017

Adding Intelligent ePresentment to IBM Content Manager On-Demand (CMOD)

Tim Nelms | Business Development and Alliances, International
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IBM CMOD is the great-grand-daddy of customer communications archiving and ePresentment solutions. Its ability to consume high volume print output and archive it using a combination of DB2 and other relational databases and hierarchical storage has been used by over 1800 customers to deliver ePresentment services. CMOD is even more relevant today because of consumers’ insatiable desire for accessing content like statements and letters through web portals and mobile devices. While traditionally CMOD was used solely by employees in large corporations, now it is used by thousands of people in everyday situations through their mobile phones.  In fact, any consumer of web based statements is most likely a user of CMOD without knowing it.

IBM has been very successful at keeping CMOD in step with market changes and with continual product investment and enhancements over these many years. CMOD ePresentment services had historically used the Ricoh transform engine to perform on the fly conversions from formats like AFP to PDF. However, from CMOD v9.5 onward IBM now recommends CrawfordTech Riptide Conversion Services for CMOD as the preferred and supported choice of transform engine for ePresentment services.

The benefits of third party ePresentment services are that they can enable new use cases that work for today’s users. For example, CrawfordTech can output HTML in support of an enterprise mobile presentation strategy. On the fly conversion can also prepare Accessible HTML and Accessible PDF content that allows content to be accurately interpreted by screen readers and other assistive technologies for the visually impaired.

Security is also a consideration. PDF digital signatures applied during ePresentment by CrawfordTech can give consumers the confidence that their document came from a trusted source. Furthermore, CrawfordTech is helping ensure that CMOD is accessible from applications like Content Navigator so that enterprise output can be merged and published with content from other ECM sources by using Riptide Server.

These are just some of the many ways CrawfordTech is helping IBM guarantee that IBM CMOD remains capable of anything the future of ePresentment has to throw at it. Find out more about how CrawfordTech’s Riptide solution for IBM CMOD can help you make the most out of ePresentment services.