Riptide® Server

Retrieve, Transform and Bundle Content with Ease

Riptide® gives businesses a highly configurable and sophisticated content and document consolidation and distribution engine. It retrieves content from enterprise content management (ECM) repositories and content services platforms (CSP), converts the content into a required format and manages the output.

Riptide® content transformations are done through high-volume batch processing at scale. Output of content can be personalized for recipients.  Content is distributed to selected channels and in preferred digital and print formats.

Riptide® is ideal for organizations needing to bundle content from legacy systems and modern applications for today’s customer communication channels

Riptide® is ideal for organizations needing to bundle content from legacy systems and modern applications for today’s customer communication channels.

  • Case Management
  • Audits
  • Claims Processing
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Site Inspections
  • Requests for Information (FOIA, GDPR, CCPA)
  • Loan Origination
  • Transportation documents
  • Digital Forms for Logistics
  • Content Transformation
  • Document Bundling and Distribution
  • Personalized Communication

Riptide® solves the business challenge to retrieve, transform and combine disparate content into a common format for digital delivery, including PDF, PDF/A for long term archiving, and PDF/UA and accessible HTML for WCAG-compliant content accessibility.

Output can be directed to local or network attached printers, enterprise print queues for batch print and mail systems as well as a variety of electronic distribution solutions.  Electronic methods include email attachment, FTP and HTTP transmission, invited pull through SMS notification, ingestion into a new CSP and delivery to an EFSS or BOX folder for collaboration.

More Efficient Case Management and Distribution

Image for More Efficient Case Management and Distribution

A police department in a medium sized city is responsible for almost 210,000 residents spread out over 23 square miles. They needed a more streamlined process for case management, which typically involved multiple departments, and required labor-intensive processes, involving printing, copying, collating, hand stamping and the use of couriers. Crawford Technologies Riptide was deployed to automate the distribution of case files stored in the IBM FileNet Content Manager repository. Based on templates, documents in the case file are now automatically retrieved and consolidated for distribution, saving the city time and money.




Enhance Riptide Server with these Additions

Riptide Conversion Services
Output management for multi-channel delivery and print from ECMs.

Riptide ePresentment
Solution built for organizations with ePresentment requirements such as bill and statement presentment.