PRO Designer

The universal GUI design tool, PRO Designer, quickly configures the actions and parameters that govern exactly how fully composed files will be processed in order to deliver specific printed or digital output.  PRO Designer enables users to:

  • Process fully composed documents such as PDF, AFP, PS, PCL, Metacode, etc.
  • Define how file processing, document reengineering, conditioning, normalization and digital transformation will occur
  • Configure proper tagging, for document accessibility, define reading order, identify artifacts and more to create accessible PDF or HTML5 output
  • Create content containers that govern how HTML5 output will respond dynamically for viewing on different viewing devices
  • Configure both batch and on demand production workflows

PRO Designer's multiple pane window layout enables you to visually proof how output will appear.  Users can also visualize the results of index creation, document accessibility tags, XML and other changes or data extraction.

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