PRO Conductor

PRO Conductor makes it easy to integrate, automate, monitor and orchestrate every step of your Customer Communication Management system, production printing and eDelivery production environments to reduce costs and improve operational performance.  From fully composed document files through printing and e-delivery, across multiple sites, systems and processes, stakeholders gain the visibility, insights and controls to optimize workflows and drive results.

PRO Conductor is an integration platform to facilitate effective Customer Communication Management and improve CX.   Increase profitability, enhance quality and provide greater visibility and control.

  • Automate manual processes, and streamline workflows
  • Accelerate client onboarding
  • Eliminate errors due to manual processes
  • Control multiple jobs, across all processes, clients and sites
  • Secure access extends visibility to all stakeholders from proofing and approval through order management
  • Integrate disparate systems for workflow management, SLA tracking, visibility and reporting
  • Monitor and control multiple client jobs, devices and sites through a single browser interface
  • Track documents and operations for efficient and cost-effective workflows
  • Customize dashboard views and reports to gain the actionable insights needed to increase utilization and productivity
  • Measure load profiles, operational efficiencies, system uptime and performance to streamline operations
  • Quickly and accurately retrieve, transform and present content from multiple sources in desired format

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