A key step in your digital transformation and CX strategy is now just a transform away. GoMobile provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution to transform existing composed documents into responsive mobile-ready communication formats. Repurposing documents for mobile usage is now possible without extensive redesign efforts, specialized composition software or special purpose web application development.  And with a simple add-on, documents that currently reside in archive systems can be automatically transformed for mobile usage while they are being retrieved, allowing these documents to be multi-purposed.

GoMobile reduces the time, resources and expense of redesigning or designing document composition templates to support omni-channel engagements, creating an easier and more relevant communication experience for the recipient. GoMobile provides a no-risk solution to support your CX initiatives.

Drive enhanced CX by delivering customer communications in mobile-ready format.

  • Easily transform existing, composed documents to responsive, mobile-ready communications without having to redesign documents.
  • Reduce costs and streamline transformation with the ability to produce mobile ready documents cost-effectively and with minimal resources in less time than other CCM solutions.
  • Reduce the risk of CX issues and ensure communications provide a consistent, seamless and positive customer experience with single template for each application.
  • Enable legacy archived documents to be mobile ready on demand.

Create an Exceptional Customer Experience – Go Mobile!
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