Go Mobile

Improving Customer Experiences with Responsive HTML5

Go Mobile is an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution to transform composed transactional customer communications (bills, statements, agreements, etc.) in AFP and PDF to responsive HTML5 communications that automatically adapt the layout to fit to any screen perfectly.

Go Mobile makes customer communications responsive without extensive redesign efforts, specialized composition software or special purpose web application development.

Customer communications that reside in ECM, CSP and other archive systems are converted to responsive HTML5 on-the-fly, while they are being retrieved. The original document is not modified or altered in any way.

Go Mobile provides a path to increase revenue and drive growth

Eliminates the time, resources, and expense of designing or redesigning document composition templates for mobile devices.

Transforms existing, composed documents to responsive HTML5 to support any screen type perfectly without modifications to the original document.

Enables archived documents to be transformed and mobile ready on demand.

Drives better customer experiences that create positive outcomes and improves customer loyalty.

The Go Mobile solution consists of PRO Designer with Autosense, Print Stream Transformations and Sunrise.  PRO Designer with Autosense is used to create a responsive HTML5 document template.  The template maps to the document so that each document section and division, including graphics and tables can be responsive.  Once the template for a specific document such as a bank statement is created, it is then saved in Sunrise.

Go Mobile


When a customer requests to see their bank statement from a smart phone, the request is sent to Sunrise.  Sunrise then sends the request to the system of record where the bank statement is stored and finds the exact template to use to transform the bank statement.  When Sunrise receives the bank statement in either an AFP or PDF format, it then converts the bank statement to responsive HTML5 and sends the responsive bank statement to the customer to view it on the smart phone.  The request to conversion and to response is done on-the-fly in milliseconds.

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