eDeliveryNow® Preference Manager

eDeliveryNow® Preference Manager aligns customers’ preferred communication channels by capturing, storing, and managing preferences for digital output (email, text messaging/SMS, web portal, mobile, social media), accessible documents (PDF, PDF/A, Accessible PDF, HTML5, WCAG 2.1 web content), and traditional (print, mail, phone).

eDeliveryNow Preference Manager provides a Web interface for customers to self-select their preferred communication channels or a customer service representative to manage customer preferences in real-time.  Customers who required assistive technologies can request to receive their communications in braille to large format text, e-text, audio formats, and others.

After preferences are selected, the eDeliveryNow Platform can process existing print ready files from existing document composition systems and automatically create content for any selected preferred digital channel.  This approach saves an organization both time and money while providing the best customer experience possible.