April 24, 2018

Xplor’s Technology of Year Award – Auto Tagger for Accessibility

Ernie Crawford | CEO/President

For the third time in five years, Crawford Technologies has won Xplor International’s Technology of the Year Award for our Auto Tagger for Accessibility product. We are honored to achieve this elite status, and I personally want to thank Xplor International for this award.

What is so great about Auto Tagger that makes it deserving of this prestigious award? While the criteria for an award winner is not published, our thoughts are that it meets the following winning characteristics:

  1. It is innovative - nobody has accomplished this before.
  2. It addresses a market need. The overwhelming response we have received at the recent CSUN conference on accessibility proves this.
  3. There exists proof that it works. One of our first customers to install Auto Tagger came back to us after two months and asked to buy an enterprise license for it.
  4. It fits and expands the customer communications market space by increasing the value of documents so that they are usable by people who are blind or have low vision.
  5. It is disruptive. Today many organizations spend up to $30/page for manual remediation. Auto Tagger brings that cost down to pennies per page and allows turnaround times to be reduced from weeks to seconds. Companies serving this market will now need to change their business models.
  6. Technical challenges needed to be overcome to get it developed. Auto Tagger required the development of some unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs in order to accomplish the outstanding results it has achieved.
  7. It is visionary, revolutionizing the way that PDF files are remediated, and positioning CrawfordTech to apply this intelligent document decomposition and tagging to other use cases.
  8. It has great social impact, since it will make life easier and more fulfilling for millions of people. It significantly reduces the cost and turnaround time to make PDF documents accessible, making it far easier for organizations to provide their customers and employees with accessible documents. This will result in people having increased access to information in a way they can best understand it.

I am very proud of our organization for pulling this technology together, and am thankful that I could be a catalyst to make it happen. We want to see a world where every document is effortlessly available in accessible formats that are readable by people with any vision disability. Again, I want to thank the Xplor organization for the recognition it has given us as one of the industry’s most innovative companies.