July 14, 2021

AccessibilityNow® Validator: A Key Component of Document Accessibility

Jen Goulden | Accessibility Compliance Specialist

Providing accessible documents is not only a legal requirement. It’s also good customer service. Once you tag your files for accessibility, the best way to ensure compliance is to put them through a rigorous quality control process. This is true whether you provide one-off remediation or you’re implementing an accessible e-presentment solution for your transactional material.

Automated checkers, as well as manual and assistive technology verification are all important elements of document accessibility testing. That being said, a highly detailed automated checker can save time and money, and will help you achieve a high level of compliance. That’s where AccessibilityNow® Validator comes in.

AccessibilityNow® Validator is an automated accessibility compliance verification tool that evaluates documents to determine their level of compliance with WCAG 2.0/2.1 and PDF/UA requirements. You can use it to check on a document-by-document basis, so that as you remediate files, you can verify that your documents are fully tagged to the appropriate standard.

AccessibilityNow® Validator has an open architecture that makes integrations with other applications easy by using an API (Java, .NET, C) as well as via command line and scripts. Return codes enable you to use it in an automated workflow system, wherever your organization needs it to run.

This versatile, automated solution goes well beyond the scope of other Accessible PDF checkers. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Checks for level of accessibility regarding WCAG, 2.0/2.1, PDF/UA and HHS compliance
  • Verifies multiple documents in a matter of seconds
  • Generates detailed validation reports
  • Provides helpful information for remediating content that it flags as inaccessible
  • Our team of document accessibility experts is available to provide guidance and support

Finally, document accessibility lawsuits are continuing to increase. Providing content that is not accessible is a serious risk that could expose your organization to litigation resulting in millions of dollars in fines, fees, and settlements. AccessibilityNow® Validator will help to ensure that your customer communications comply with relevant legislation and meet the highest standards of document accessibility and usability.