August 28, 2019

AccessibilityNow, Making Your Documents Accessible Has Become Easier Than Ever

Ligia Mora | Business Development Manager
Accessibility Now logo

Regulations are driving the accessibility market and unless corporations are ready to pay high fines, it is crucial for businesses to comply with the worldwide regulations that govern document accessibility and to provide barrier-free customer experiences to this underserved market. Having a solution that adjusts to the market while meeting strict regulations and adapts to the ever-growing needs of any environment, is not only desirable but essential.

With the AccessibilityNow platform, it is easy to achieve accessibility goals while complying with global regulations and meeting customer’s A11y needs in a timely and relevant manner. To do this, there are several aspects to consider, for example:

  • Type of documents in need of remediation. Whether it’s transactional or static data, AccessibilityNow has the capabilities to manage both as well as transforming various data types into accessible formats. AccessibilityNow Transactional provides an easy and quick process for automatically tagging high volume transactional documents. While AccessibilityNow Publisher offers the ability to automatically tag all types of static documents.
  • Tagging capabilities. Generating an accessible document requires the data to be tagged, and how this is done is as important as making sure it is done properly. With AccessibilityNow Designer and AccessibilityNow Remediate, both flexibility and accuracy are delivered with a GUI driven tool that makes it simple to add, revise and/or delete tags, while at the same time creating a template which can be used for future documents that follow a similar pattern.
  • Are the volumes being processed not large enough to warrant an in-house solution, and how can these be securely, and conveniently outsourced. provides this functionality with the support of industry experts who have the knowledge, and tools, required to complete any remediation task at hand.
  • Verification of accessible data and content. AccessibilityNow Validator will examine documents to make sure they have been tagged properly and validate that they are accessible. While AccessibilityNow SiteScan will examine a website to make sure that the content is accessible.
  • If there is a need to manage, track and report on remediation projects, AccessibilityNow Dashboard delivers what is required via a web dashboard that is easy to navigate.
  • Full familiarity with your document accessibility needs. It is not uncommon to not know exactly how to go about making documents accessible as well as not knowing the extent to which an environment needs to be made accessible. For this, AccessibilityNow Assessment provides services for evaluating an environment and determining what are the document accessibility needs.


If you want to learn more about this solution, join us for our webinar on August 28 or Contact CrawfordTech and learn more about AccessibilityNow.