April 11, 2018

AccessibilityNow.com — Delivering on the Promise of Document Accessibility for Everyone

Scott Baker | Executive Vice President
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Every so often, businesses introduce innovative products and solutions that are released at precisely the right moment in time to help resolve long-standing issues for certain consumers and to help the companies and institutions that are obligated to serve those consumers fulfill what has been wanting.

In April of 2017, Crawford Technologies introduced Auto Tagger for Accessibility, a foundational solution that addresses the need for blind, partially sighted, and cognitively disabled people to easily consume information in customer documents using assistive technologies.  Applying intelligent algorithms and automation not only improved the timeliness of companies communicating with their underserved sight-challenged customers, but also provided the means by which companies could deliver documents in an electronic format (accessible PDF or HTML5) that would leverage available assistive technologies. This solution is truly ground-breaking, and was a huge step forward. As recent regulations have begun forcing organizations to address the needs of the blind, partially sighted and cognitively disabled community, organizations using Auto Tagger for Accessibility can reap the benefits of being in legal compliance and deliver better mainstream service to their customers.

Fast forward to today, April 11, 2018… Crawford Technologies is now launching www.AccessibilityNow.com, an e-commerce site that will allow anyone, regardless of their knowledge or experience level, to generate accessible documents on behalf of those that need them -- very, very quickly and at less than half the cost of most manual remediation services.  By simply uploading a PDF file, selecting their desired services, and completing a transaction via PayPal or credit card, anyone can generate WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant documents.  The entire AccessibilityNow.com site is accessible, so those who are sight-challenged or cognitively disabled can use assistive technologies to place orders and download accessible files.

AccessibilityNow.com eliminates some of the remaining barriers that many organizations have used to avoid proactively addressing the customer communications needs of the blind, partially sighted, and cognitively disabled.  No longer will it be reasonable to claim that it takes too long, or it is too costly, or it requires special expertise to make files accessible. AccessibilityNow.com makes CrawfordTech’s vision of delivering document accessibility for everyone a reality.  What is truly exciting is that it is just the beginning.

Try it out youself! Simply go to www.accessibilitynow.com and start ordering Accessible PDF files.