March 4, 2020

AccessibilityNow: Achieve Compliance and Provide Accessible Documents To Your Customers

Jen Goulden | Project & Quality Manager
Accessibility Now logo

Have you been tasked with implementing document accessibility in your organization? Are you looking for a solution that can handle a wide range of accessible formats and document types? CrawfordTech’s AccessibilityNow platform provides high levels of automation and integration into any environment. The platform includes software solutions and a wide range of services that can meet the document accessibility needs of any organization. This comprehensive platform supports the unique processing requirements of high-volume transactional documents as well as static content of all types.

AccessibilityNow also includes a high-end solution with tracking and reporting capabilities for all of your document accessibility projects. Additional tools, such as Validator and SiteScan, can help you to determine the level of compliance you have achieved.

 Regardless of your organization’s requirements, the AccessibilityNow platform offers solutions that will ensure that you meet compliance and provide high-quality accessible content to all of your customers.

 For more information on this innovative suite of products, join us at the upcoming CSUN Accessible Technology conference taking place in Anaheim from March 9 to 13. Throughout the conference we will provide product demos and in-depth workshops on various aspects of accessible document creation and testing. Learn more here.