October 17, 2018

A11yTO 2018 – Focus on Inclusivity

Jen Goulden | Project and Quality Manager
a11yTO Conference

On October 15th and 16th the 2nd annual A11yTO conference took place at Telus Digital in downtown Toronto. The event brought together developers, end users and other accessibility professionals from Canada and around the world. Presenters discussed disability legislation and looked at practical ways to build accessibility into the web sites, electronic documents and mobile devices that most of us use every day. A myth that is all too prevalent is that accessibility is only necessary for things we consider to be essential. The A11yTO team dispels this myth by including sessions on accessible gaming and captioning for movies and TV shows.

Not surprisingly, technology was the primary focus of both the sessions and the vendors. Another common theme was the need to consider age-related disabilities (such as vision loss and decreased dexterity) when building apps and web sites. When we think of accessibility we usually think of physical disabilities, or even sensory ones, but A11yTO puts a much-needed emphasis on cognitive disabilities as well.

In a field that is constantly evolving, the A11yTO conference provides professionals and consumers alike with an opportunity to network and to learn from one another's expertise. Attendees from businesses, government departments and post-secondary institutions stopped by the Crawford Tech booth to learn more about our products and services, and to check out a demo of Accessibilitynow.com.

It goes without saying that accessibility encompasses a wide range of issues and disabilities. In spite of the variety of subjects covered, one thing that was consistent throughout the event is the commitment to accessibility demonstrated by conference volunteers and presenters alike. Sharing information is key to increasing awareness of accessibility issues, but it is this commitment to implementing change that will lead to a truly inclusive society.

CrawfordTech believes in making all documents accessible, and provides the solutions and services to make it as easy as possible – whatever the needs and skills of our customers. Learn more about how we can help you.