June 27, 2019

It’s not too late to take advantage of the USPS 2019 Postage Promotions

Lynda Hansen | Product Marketing Manager
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Even though the first half of 2019 is almost behind us, it is still not too late to take advantage of the USPS Postage promotions and offset the new postage rate increases.    While some promotions are ending, you should still plan to take advantage of the remaining promotions that run through the holiday season such as Mobile Shopping, Personalized Color Transpromo and the new Informed Delivery promotion.

Crawford Technologies solutions can play a part in helping mailers create campaigns that meet the 2019 USPS promotion program requirements. The personalization and variability added to promotion-qualifying mailpieces makes workflow products like PRO Conductor essential to maintaining accuracy. Other Crawford Technology products such as QA in the Cloud or Review and Release help print service providers and in-plants attain high levels of quality. Data quality is extremely important for campaigns associated with many of the promotions such as Mobile Shopping,  and Informed Delivery.

It’s not too late to plan campaigns and take advantage of postage discounts for the second half of the year.

Make sure to review the important promotion dates below to ensure you are taking advantage of these postage-saving programs.


  • June 30: Earned Value Reply Mail promotion ends.
  • Now through December 31: Mobile Shopping registration open.  Promotion runs 8/1 through 12/31.
    • This promotion on Marketing mail offers a 2% upfront postage discount for integrating mailpieces with mobile devices facilitating online shopping.
    • The most effective marketing campaigns use customer-specific information to send attractive offers to customers according to historical or demographic data. Use software like QA in the Cloud to test variables, ensuring no invalid data makes it into production runs.
  • July 1: Personalized Color Transpromo promotion period begins and runs through 12/31.  Note:  Registration is still open for this incentive.
    • This promotion on First Class mail provides for a 2% upfront postage discount for bills and statements bearing qualifying dynamic print elements.
    • Crawford Technologies customers can use the capabilities of Operations Express to control the personalization and variable content required to qualify for this promotion. Mailers who have participated in this promotion before must include both dynamically printed color and personalized messaging. The USPS waives the personalized messaging requirement for first timers.
  • July 15: Informed Delivery registration opens.   Promotion runs 9/1 – 11/30
    • This promotion on both First Class and Marketing mail offers a 2% upfront postage discount for running Informed Delivery campaigns during the promotional period.
    • Print/mail service providers can help their customers run segmented Informed Delivery campaigns where different images, offers, or links appear in customer inboxes according to variables appearing in the print stream. Use Operations Express from Crawford Technologies to identify mailpieces for each segment and separate them so postal software can assign mailpiece ID numbers. The mailpiece ID numbers included in intelligent mail barcodes tell Informed Delivery which images to include in each customer’s daily Informed Delivery emails.
  • July 31: Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Engagement registration & promotion period closes
    • This promotion on Marketing mail offers mailers a 2% upfront postage discount for using qualifying papers, ink, interactive elements, or finishing techniques.
    • Print service providers can help their clients target high-value customers with interactive elements or more expensive paper, even if all they have to work with is a print image file. Provided with a list of account numbers, Crawford Technology software can isolate the preferred-customer documents so they can receive special printing or finishing treatment.
  • August 31: Emerging & Advanced Technology registration & incentive period closes.
    • Earn a 2% upfront postage discount on both First Class and Marketing mail for using advanced technologies such as AR, VR, NFC, and integrating multichannel campaigns with addressable TV or digital assistants.
    • Crawford Technologies’ experience with Accessibility can help you send data to devices like digital assistants that can read the documents for sight-impaired customers.

For more details on individual promotions and to view the promotions calendar, visit: https://postalpro.usps.com/promotions.