January 27, 2016

Using IBM Content Navigator Integration to Drive Added Functionality

IBM Content Navigator = Best Front End for IBM ECMs; CrawfordTech Riptide = Missing Link in the Chain That Connects Content to Customers

IBM Content Navigator (ICN) is providing Line-of-Business (LOB) users across all industries a better user interface to their business content, which enhances their ability to access and process that content. ICN provides a uniform user interface across multiple IBM ECM platforms including:

  • IBM FileNet / P8 repositories
  • IBM Content Manager OnDemand / CMOD repositories
  • IBM Content Manager / CM8 repositories

IBM Content Navigator enhances workforce effectiveness, collaboration and mobility by improving enterprise content utilization. In addition, it has enabled collaborative team environments.

The impact of all this has been to make IBM Content Navigator the best front end for IBM ECMs. It is the hot new solution from IBM that provides their customers with an extensible front end to ECM repositories. In a strategic move, IBM has provided its customers the user interface for any ECM solution they need. CIOs can now quickly deploy ECM-based applications such as Case Management, eDiscovery and Benefit Management.

This increased use of ECMs with more complex workflows has also exposed a missing link within the ECM set of processes; i.e., how to deliver content in a meaningful format to customers?

IBM chose Crawford Technologies Riptide® to be a distribution solution for their ECMs; Riptide is an output management solution that automates the delivery of content in enhanced, value-added formats to internal and external customers. As a fully featured, fully integrated content delivery solution for IBM Content Navigator, Riptide provides ECM-based applications with the tools to produce a better customer experience. In addition, it makes the process of socializing content more productive and cost efficient.

Riptide was recognized as Technology of the Year for 2014 by Xplor International, a leading document management organization, for the innovation it brings to the ECM output and buddling space. It is designed to further ICN’s productivity lifts provided by extending the workflow automation processes from ECM repositories, such as those bulleted above, out to the content workflow process destinations.

It also delivers value by automatically retrieving the collections of content indicated by Content Navigator users. Riptide gathers documents in their diverse native formats from multiple repositories without tying up end user licenses. Further, it enhances the content with value-enhancing actions that IBM Content Navigator and the underlying ECMs can’t easily do such as sorting the collated documents, making annotations, sub-setting page ranges, adding identifying watermarks, and building tables of contents.

After it has packetized and spooled the collations of content, Riptide continues to go well beyond what other tools can do with added flexible output management. Output nominally can be printed, emailed, faxed, sent to network attached stores or other multi-channel or alternative format destinations. In practice, packets can be sent to any device with a device driver. Output can be sent simultaneously to multiple locations. Since collations are spooled and their error status is monitored, packets will automatically be resent in the case of recoverable device issues such as printer jams.

One of the best features of IBM Content Navigator is the ‘Teamspace’ feature which provides a focused view of the relevant documents, and other tools that a team typically needs to complete their tasks. Included in the Teamspace definitions are templates which are a set of roles and permissions about document processes. Notably absent is who owns the process of output management for collaborative documents. Often when everybody owns a task, nobody owns it and it doesn’t get done or, at best, it doesn’t get done well. Crawford Technologies Riptide allows ICN Teamspace deployments to be equipped with an automated output management tool such that it is always clear that Riptide ‘owns’ the output management role.

With the power of ICN coupled with Riptide, organizations can fill the missing link in connecting the content in IBM ECMs to internal and external customers.

If you are interested in seeing a Riptide® product demo to learn more about this value-add solution. Please click here.