January 4, 2017

The Modern Customer Communications Archive

Modern Customer Communications Archive

You probably don’t know you already have one

The times – they are a changing. More than the title to a Bob Dylan song – it’s a statement of fact and nowhere is that fact more apparent, in this digital age, than in the way we do business and communicate with our customers. Customer facing applications need to be more flexible so that communications to customers are presented in the format and via the method that the customer prefers.

Millennials want mobile, GenXers want browser based delivery, Baby Boomers want a bit of everything and Traditionalists still want paper. So, how can this seemingly unresolvable question be answered while still maintaining efficient, economical business practices? And what does it have to do with the archive?
Distributing new correspondence in the right format, although not easy, is a straightforward proposition of understanding the customer preferences and creating the new document to satisfy that preference. A simple answer to a seemingly simple request – “send me my statements in HTML format”. And let’s store that HTML statement in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) Archive. Sounds like we’ve got the problem licked! Nope! Because ….
• What if I change my mind and want next month’s statement printed on paper … or sent to my cell phone?
• What if, at the end of the year, I want all 12 months’ statements as a downloadable PDF file?
• How do we answer the regulatory requirement that the “original” be stored in a compliant archive?
• And how do we accomplish all the above with the 20-year-old archive that we’ve been successfully using since long before these new requirements were even thought of?

It’s not just the requirements that have changed. Specific tools, applications and processes are now available to both meet today’s requirements, increase the efficiency of customer communications while, at the same time, lower operating and personnel costs. There are a variety of methods available to dynamically transform customer communications documents at the point of request.

Documents created and stored in one format can be transformed into a different format based upon a customer’s ad hoc request. This provides the flexibility you need to answer ever-increasing customer demands, while at the same time, maintaining the legally required archive that stores the “originally” produced document. Learn more about how you can expand, extend, integrate and share ECM content and register for our free webinar - The Modern CCM Archive, being held on Thursday, January 19 at 1:00 PM ET. Meeting CCM demands from customers is not the only qualification for a modern archive. Documents must be distributed to vendors, regulators, business partners and others. Next time we’ll explore how the modern CCM archive can enable you to accomplish effective and efficient distribution of documents to these entities.