January 19, 2016

Multiple Customer Communications Archives Damage Business

Recently Crawford Technologies, in partnership with AIIM, the global community for information professionals, conducted a market survey into customer communications archiving practices. The survey questioned 226 respondents from North America and Western Europe from a range of sectors including government, banking, insurance, telco/media/utilities and healthcare. The survey provides an insight into the trends affecting customer communication archiving.

The AIIM survey found that 40% of respondents used multiple archives and, not surprisingly, 37% reported the need to search across multiple archives. Knowing that searches occur across multiple archives, the obvious question is how many archives are there? The results showed that approximately a third have one archive, a further third have between two and five and the remaining third six or more.

A key message to come from the AIIM report is that a lack of co-ordinated information strategy and multiple systems damage business efficiency and cost organization's money. 58% of the respondents in the survey indicated that they spend 5% or more of their time searching for customer correspondence while for 16% that number was over half their time.

We see this problem repeatedly in our customers where archives are acquired over time either due to pressing business unit needs, through mergers and acquisitions or through a lack of an information architecture strategy. Customer communication archives are rarely integrated like other core business systems and suffer because the addition of each additional archive has a negative impact on efficiency.

Companies who do archive customer communications spend more than they should and waste time and money searching across those resources. The result...multiple customer correspondence archives damage business efficiency.

AIIM’s report is a great place to look at the trends associated with customer correspondence archiving and can be downloaded here.