February 8, 2017

Migrating Legacy Customer Communications Archives

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Enterprise IT strategists and business decision makers who are slow to move to next-generation models for customer communications archiving are exposing their organizations to unnecessary risks that can negatively impact spending, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance. They are also delaying a change that is both necessary and inevitable.

Organizations need to move on from their legacy customer communications archives to next-generation models in order to:

• Address unprecedented growth in business information;

• Reduce the growing expense involved in paper-based communications;

• Provide customers with instant, online, mobile-based access to current account information;

• Rein in mounting capital equipment costs, including storage;

• Ensure compliance by deploying faster and more responsive solutions that address stricter and more fluid compliance requirements that vary from country to country and industry to industry;

• Support big data analytics by leveraging the vast amount of valuable information housed in customer communications archives;

• Move on from expensive legacy systems to better position the organization for the future.

We took a closer look at archive migration in the webinar we held a few months ago – Best Practices in Archive Migration. If you missed the webinar, you can access the recording here. Or you can download our white paper – Migrating Customer Communications Archives.