July 20, 2016

Manage Document Compliance Risk with Redaction

Are you ready to have your confidential files sent to your prospective inkjet manufacturers for testing?

One of the areas that isn’t discussed in much detail is preparing your test files for your Inkjet evaluation testing. Yes, you signed a confidentiality agreement with each of your prospective vendors, but I guarantee there is someone in your compliance area who is a bit uneasy sending live data off-site. After all, you have spent a lot of time and money assuring your shop is in full compliance when handling personal and confidential information.

The usual method is to have your programmers write a program to replace the names and addresses with names like “Donald Duck” and “Mickey Mouse” who live at 123 Main Street, Any Town, USA 12345-6789.

But is that really accurate? Did they account for all variations? Multiple line addresses? Account numbers? Other confidential data?

Redaction is the answer. With Crawford Tech’s Redaction Express, any field can be redacted (in the typical way of black boxes or by completely removing the data), or as in our example, by having every character randomized.

By randomizing the data, all fields and formatting are maintained, providing a better comparison from the original print to the new print. Your programmers don’t have to account for random length or multiple lines and, most importantly, your data is secure and never leaves your facility.

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