November 23, 2016

Best Practices for Archive Migration

We living in interesting and changing times. The digital transformation that we see taking place today across all sectors has presented businesses with a number of opportunities and challenges in its wake.

This is certainly true for document intensive industries like banking, insurance and healthcare, where the management of customer communications such as invoices, monthly statements and policy documents impacts success and profitability. The move from paper based customer communications to digital output, with access through online portals for example, brings many opportunities for businesses to cut costs and optimize their operations.

The challenge, however, will be to ensure that the underlying archive and content management systems at the heart of these organizations are still valid as businesses continue to digitize, optimize and transform.

The legacy problem

Accessing customer communications from older archives can be inefficient and costly. As business and customer expectations have evolved, modern archives cannot simply function as a store for documents, but must take advantage of advancements in content management systems to provide secure and immediate on-demand access for both internal and external customers. The challenge of achieving this with legacy systems is clear!

With this in mind, many organizations are now looking to migrate their customer communications archives to 21st Century web enabled platforms, where they can take advantage of e-presentment tools, improve their response times to customer queries, and greatly reduce their overall operating costs. Archive migration has moved up the agenda for many businesses as a result of digital transformation.

Migrating your CCAs

But what are the best practices for a successful archive migration? Please join us for our latest webinar where we will explore this further - Best Practices for Archive Migration: Dec 7, 11.00 – 12.00 EST. From the initial scoping of a migration to its completion, we will guide you through the migration journey, providing advice and a road map to success.