July 8, 2016

An NPS of +63: What Does it Mean?

We recently announced that CrawfordTech has received a Net Promoter(R) Score of +63. This is great news, and is something we’re justifiably proud of, since a score like this substantiates our customers’ satisfaction with our services. Crawford Technologies is completely committed to supporting our customers in using solutions productively and successfully, which is why we are members of the Net Promoter Network.

The Net Promoter Score was co-created by Satmetrix and Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company, and is considered the most accurate measurement of the customer experience. Fortune 500 companies and other organizations throughout the world use NPS to assess customer satisfaction and provide benchmarks for ongoing performance improvement.

The NPS index is made up of a scale from -100 to +100, with the score based on a clearly defined and unbiased appraisal of a customer’s willingness to recommend a company’s products and services to others. The Net Promoter Network offers a certification program, which our Quality Assurance Manager, Robert Robichaud, has passed, making him a Net Promoter Certified Associate.

NPS scores above 60 are difficult to achieve, and are typically associated with the most respected companies in the world. In fact, CrawfordTech’s score of +63 is equaled by the most recent Apple iPhone score. Other well-known consumer brands, like Amazon, Netflix, or Samsung, might have scores over +60, while other similar companies, such as Dell, Comcast, or Google have scores well below +60. A high score is more difficult to attain for business-to-business technology companies, so it’s more common to see lower numbers with these types of businesses. It is surprising to see how many well-known and seemingly successful organizations in both consumer and business markets have scores in the negative numbers.

To calculate our NPS score, we sent a survey to all of our customers. The survey included questions on what methods a customer uses to contact us for support, how quickly their issue was resolved, what their overall impression of the interaction was, how the experience could have been improved, and whether they would recommend CrawfordTech to someone else. We were very happy to see the high response rate to the survey and to receive predominantly positive feedback.

Another important aspect of the Net Promoter Program is that it helps companies identify where there is room for improvement. Even with a high score, there will always be things we can do better. This year’s score increased from last year’s +61, so we are pleased to see a positive trend. With an experienced and dedicated staff, and a company-wide belief in the importance of customer satisfaction, we look forward to continuing to perform an outstanding job of serving our customers and partners.