Prepare Your Business for Shortages

It’s not just toilet paper missing from grocery store shelves, paper products are scarce.

Industry experts agree that we’ve never seen a shortage this big before. We are in the middle of a paper shortage – for coated and uncoated papers. This is putting more pressure on transaction printers and marketing companies. Their core job has not changed. They still have to produce and distribute custom customer communications. But now they also must navigate a scarce market to find the paper and envelopes they need.

It’s time to get Smart about Job Onboarding

Job Onboarding.  Those two words typically induce groans and frustrated grimaces amongst print operations managers.   Even with all the workflow automation solutions available to streamline processes and reduce manual intervention, job onboarding remains one of the top workflow bottlenecks that impacts your profitability and your opportunities to win new clients and contracts.   The easy answer to resolve this may be to add additional resources.