Ernie’s Corner – March 2012

This is an exciting time for Crawford Technologies, and we are glad that we are able to share our insight, news and expertise with you. As you can see we have continued on our path to delivering our valued customers and industry contacts news in a format to suite your busy lifestyle. This HTML format of our newsletter, new for the January 2012 issue, garnered a lot of good feedback and we appreciate the opportunity to continue building important relationships with you through its delivery.

A Conversation About Multi-Channel Communications and the Coming Revolution

As the founder of Crawford Technologies, Ernie Crawford continues to look to the future for the next set of solutions that will help our customers do business easier, faster and with a higher return on their investments. With the experienced CrawfordTech team he has built over the past 16 years, one thing is certain, innovation is rooted in the foundation of every new product developed.

CrawfordTech’s newest offering is no different, but the benefit to customers as well as the print and mail industry is set to accelerate the pace for the revolution of multi-channel communications and customer preference management.

PRO Channel Manager manages and connects customer delivery preferences between multiple channels in order drive significant savings to our customers, increased end-user satisfaction and wider adoption of paperless delivery. Join us for the following conversation with Ernie Crawford on PRO Channel Manager and how it will change multi-channel communications and the implications for the print and mail industry.

The Daily Print File Challenges of a Production Printer Manager

By David Day

On any given day tens of thousands of important customer documents come through my print shop and as the production print manager, I need to know what is being printed in every file. Even more important, I need to be able to ensure that what is being printed reflects how our business and the end-user expect it to look. With many different print files and print formats coming through our production environment it can be challenging to ensure what was sent to the printer matches how it looks on paper.

Archiving Native Print Files: How to Gain Efficiency and Reduce Cost

By Jim Perkins

When evaluating the content in your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, most organizations find that they have a wide and disparate type of document assets. These document assets can range from reports to office documents to e-mails; some are critical to the running of the business and others need to be archived for historical purposes.

Digital Mailbox Services: Is There Value in Adopting Early?

By Dave Hook

Have Digital Mailbox Services (DMS) been a point of discussion when evaluating the strategy of your company’s print and mail operations? We sense that the answer is yes, but that the discussion may have left you and your team with uncertainty and, perhaps, more questions than answers.

Working Paperless: Print Suppression & E-presentment Make it Possible

By Jonathan McGrew

For many people, paper documents are still a way of life. We need them to archive our records, keep track of our spending, watch out for our retirement and monitor our health. Technology has been shifting the desired delivery method of customer communications from paper to electronic delivery methods. This trend has continued to grow as environmentally conscious consumers look for ways that they can reduce the impact on their surroundings. With this shift have also come challenges including when and how to prevent documents to be printed when a customer or provider requests e-delivery as well as how to give people access to the electronic documents consistently and efficiently.