You’re Missing a Step in Your Data Security

According to Security Magazine, there are more than 2,200 cyber-attacks a day. Broken down, that equates to one attack every 39 seconds.

Every day brings news of a new hack or hacking attempt. Because of this, your business has probably prioritized computer system intrusion prevention. You invest in tools that promise digital security. You implement them and assume you’re covered. You’ve taken all the necessary steps to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access. But what if you’re missing something?

Prepare Your Business for Shortages

It’s not just toilet paper missing from grocery store shelves, paper products are scarce.

Industry experts agree that we’ve never seen a shortage this big before. We are in the middle of a paper shortage – for coated and uncoated papers. This is putting more pressure on transaction printers and marketing companies. Their core job has not changed. They still have to produce and distribute custom customer communications. But now they also must navigate a scarce market to find the paper and envelopes they need.

Production Mail Workflows

Are legacy processes holding your workflow back from pure nirvana?

Is your workflow, legacy software, and old equipment affecting your employees?

As 2022 is now upon us, challenges have continued to pile up for managers that are already dealing with “The New Normal”. Currently, we are less worried about people being out sick and more worried that they are just not going to show up and have joined the “great resignation train”.

Top 6 Reasons You May Need Post-Composition for Your CX

Recently Madison Advisors completed an in-depth Post-Composition Analysis of some of the leading solutions.

“The line between document composition and post composition software is starting to blur due to the fact that post composition software, once considered a tool to “fix” applications prior to print production, has now evolved into a multifaceted solution with feature-rich capabilities for enhancing and managing customer communications.”

Discover the Secrets of PRO Designer

It’s not a secret that composition solutions have a level of complexity when it comes to creating and editing communication templates. Despite efforts to create WYSIWYG interfaces that resemble or even plug into Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign, the complex business rules that drive the content and testing required to ensure integrity of the communications can be a barrier when it comes to making what seems to be minor changes.