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WCAG 2.2: Unlock Accessibility Superpowers with CrawfordTech

WCAG 2.2 isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a modernization in making documents accessible to everyone. The latest 2.2 update unlocks inclusion for everyone, elevates user experience for all, and paves the road for future document accessibility compliance. Ready to be a WCAG 2.2 master? CrawfordTech’s solutions and vision can help you on your compliance and inclusion journey.

Why you need to care:

  • Compliance officers, content creators, developers, marketers, and any organization/entity sharing documents, you need to realize that WCAG 2.2 is here, and compliance matters.
  • Boosting user experience is at the top of everyone’s list, and inclusivity is a huge part of it. Accessible documents aren’t just for a specific group, they benefit everyone, from screen reader users to those with low vision or cognitive challenges.
  • Generating accessible and usable documents is not only the right thing to do, but also essential, which means that attaining futureproofing is critical and required.
  • In order to remain at the forefront of dynamic standards and regulations, it is necessary to create enduring content that consistently provides accessible documents. This demonstrates dedication and consideration for those who receive, and access, said documents.

CrawfordTech, Your Accessibility Now® partner, will help you make sure your documents are WCAG 2.2 compliant. We achieve this through various methods, including:

  • Providing seamless solutions and guidance that will make compliance simple, with intuitive tools and expert support every step of the way.
  • Our AccessibilityNow Validator tool. Validator is your compass for WCAG 2.2 testing. It ensures your documents meet the highest standards with ease.
  • Assisting you in unleashing a plethora of opportunities by guiding you in crafting documents that empower individuals. This contributes to cultivating a more inclusive digital environment, guaranteeing adherence to WCAG 2.2, and preparing for future compliance.

By dedicating your time and energy to establishing a sustainable, accessible document workflow, you ensure that individuals are not excluded due to outdated documents. To achieve this, it’s crucial to employ solutions that enhance your content to meet and exceed WCAG 2.2 standards, and Crawford Technologies can undoubtedly assist you in achieving this goal.

AccessibilityNow® can serve as your guiding light in document accessibility, providing crucial insights into evolving standards like WCAG 2.2. This tool ensures clarity by offering detailed and user-friendly guidance, helping you stay well-informed and compliant. It empowers you to:

  • Delve into WCAG 2.2, exploring the new guidelines and comprehending their impact on PDF documents.
  • Uncover strategies for futureproofing, ensuring your content remains compliant and accessible for years to come.
  • Implement tools for testing, analyzing, and refining your documents effortlessly, delivering fully compliant and usable PDFs.
  • Engage with accessibility experts to tailor solutions to your environment and establish an automated workflow for consistently delivering WCAG 2.2 compliant documents.

It is up to you, you can build a world where everyone can access and understand the information they need, and CrawfordTech can help you do that. Watch our recent webinar on meeting WCAG 2.2 compliance in document accessibility. Watch Now:

Embracing the Future: Building WCAG 2.2 – Compliant Documents Today

Date and Times: January 23, 2024. 9am ET and 1pm ET.

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January 15, 2024


  • Ligia Mora
    Sr. Product Manager

    As a Senior Product Manager at Crawford Technologies, Ligia Mora brings over 25 years of software industry expertise to the table. She is a skilled strategist and visionary who is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions that cater to customers' unique needs. Ligia has conducted presentations and technical training across different continents and has been specializing in Document Accessibility for the past 5 years. Her focus is on collaborating with customers, sales, and engineering teams to develop new products and features that improve workflows and customer communication. Ligia's deep industry knowledge and commitment to customer satisfaction make her an essential asset to the Crawford Technologies team.

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