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Keeping Postage Costs in Check: Strategies for the Modern Business


In a recent announcement, the USPS revealed plans to increase the cost of first-class mail from 63 to 66 cents starting July 9th. While a mere 3-cent hike may not seem significant at first, it can have a substantial impact on businesses that send out large volumes of mail daily. For companies handling tens or hundreds of thousands of pieces every day, this increase can translate into a considerable financial burden. With the postage cost surging by over 10% within just six months, it’s crucial for businesses to find ways to mitigate these rising expenses. In this blog post, we will explore strategies that can help keep your postage costs in check and enable your business to adapt and thrive in the face of this new challenge.

Strategy #1 – Preference Management: Enhancing Digital Communication

One effective approach to offset the increased postage costs is to encourage your customers to embrace digital channels. Many organizations already offer eDelivery and online options, but they often struggle with low print suppression rates. By implementing preference management tools and adopting effective strategies, you can significantly increase the number of customers opting for digital communications. Instead of sending traditional PDF statements to mobile devices, explore solutions like GoMobile that enable seamless and user-friendly digital experiences. By maximizing the adoption of eDelivery, you can reduce printing and mailing costs while enhancing customer experience.

Strategy #2 – Overcoming Print Suppression Challenges

Print suppression, the process of preventing unnecessary printing and mailing, presents a significant opportunity for cost savings. However, organizations often face challenges when it comes to seamless integration and technological limitations. Here are a couple of key issues to address:

a. Technological Challenges: Many customers who have requested eDelivery still receive printed communications due to technology gaps. It’s crucial to identify and rectify these issues to ensure that customer preferences are accurately reflected in the delivery of communications.

b. Integration Obstacles: Often, the inability to connect customer consent and preference information with the billing system hampers effective print suppression. By addressing this integration gap and ensuring that account servicing teams have access to customer preferences, you can minimize unnecessary print and mailing costs.

Strategy #3 – Explore Crawford Technologies eDeliveryNow® Integration Platform

If you’re seeking to save costs, improve customer experiences, and enhance print suppression, consider leveraging our eDeliveryNow integration platform. This comprehensive solution offers the tools and capabilities neded to streamline your digital communication processes. By utilizing this platform, you can seamlessly integrate preference management, billing systems, and customer account information, leading to significant cost savings while meeting customer preferences.


As the USPS raises postage costs once again, businesses must adapt and find innovative ways to keep their expenses in check. By focusing on preference management, embracing digital communication channels, and addressing print suppression challenges, organizations can effectively mitigate the impact of rising postage costs now and in the future. With the right strategies and technology solutions in place, businesses can enhance efficiency, reduce expenses, and provide superior customer experiences. Embrace these opportunities for change and ensure your company stays ahead in an evolving landscape.

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June 28, 2023


  • Adam Armstrong
    Product Marketing Manager

    Adam Armstrong is a seasoned industry expert with a strong focus on redesigning enterprise customer engagement by optimizing and enhancing their customer communications workflows. He is dedicated to helping clients overcome complex business challenges by delivering innovative solutions that drive tangible value for their businesses. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Adam has gained recognition as a thought leader in the industry and has been featured in numerous publications and events.

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