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It’s Time to Take the Complexity out of Document QA

Document QA is without question critical for all customer communication providers.  The consequences of inadequate document QA processes range from lost productivity, downstream delays, missed SLAs and costly rework to a poor Customer Experience(CX). But performing Quality Assurance in a high-volume transactional document environment is inherently complex. Not only do you have to deal with millions of unique documents due to dynamic formatting and personalization, but the growing number of new tools and platforms that must be tested just adds to the time-consuming QA monotony.  Any small change can create an issue that costs valuable time to find and resolve.  Essentially, it could very well become like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The inevitable disruptive Document QA Request

Consider the following scenario.  You get a call from your top client about a huge high value print job that is supposed to go out tomorrow.  Critical document changes were made that must be verified before they go to print.  Not only were new Terms &  Conditions (Ts&Cs) added to state specific statements, but there are also specific customer statements that need to be pulled from the run.  All of this needs to be confirmed within the next 2 hours in order to hit the SLA.  And your client wants to approve all the final changes.   You say, “Of course.  I will give you a call back in 2 hours.”

Your clients unscheduled change has just become your emergency and there is no chance of getting extra time.

After hanging up the phone, you immediately recall reading about some QA solutions from Crawford Technologies that would have allowed you to quickly and easily address all these requests from your client.  You make a mental note to call your CrawfordTech rep later because right now you need to go find the needle in the haystack.

Take control of your Document QA

These types of requests are fairly common and with the right tools(or solutions) do not need to turn into a fire drill.  Crawford Technologies powerful and scalable Quality Assurance tools help automate your document QA workflows.

  • Our PRO Quick Compare tool makes easy work of validating the new Ts&Cs for the specified state statements. PRO Quick Compare is an efficient, cost-effective document QA utility that reads two data stream files, compares them in the selected mode-object, pixel or text – and outputs a side by side visual of all the pages with color coded highlights for easy recognition of detected differences. It is ideal for comparing all pages in a document, including when pages have been inserted or deleted, as is the case with these new Ts&Cs.
  • The client’s requirement to pull specific customer statements can be easily managed with our Review and Release Users can easily review the specified statements and pull the pages prior to releasing the job for production.  This eliminates the manual step of digging through stacks of printed documents and envelopes to find the right documents to pull.
  • And finally, our PRO Conductor Proof and Approve solution will allow your client to view, approve, hold or reject the job or individual records within a job. Your client gains real-time access to the file through a web-based dashboard or an email with a Personal URL.   It puts the responsibility and control for proofing and approving with the document owner. With less time and fewer resources to manage document QA, it is critical that organizations have the right tools to efficiently deliver accurate customer communications and a positive CX.  Crawford Technologies’ QA Suite provides these tools along with the expertise to solve these business challenges ensuring quality, high-performance and cost-effective results.

Now back to that mental note – now is the time to eliminate your document QA challenges with GUI based, automated QA tools from Crawford Technologies.  Go ahead and pick up the phone and call your Crawford Tech Rep today to learn more about the QA solutions from Crawford Technologies.

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September 1, 2021


  • Lynda Hansen
    Sr. Manager, Product Management

    Lynda Hansen is an accomplished senior product marketing professional with extensive experience in the technology industry. Currently serving as the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Crawford Technologies, Lynda brings a wealth of expertise in product positioning, go-to-market strategies, and product messaging.

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