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It’s time to get Smart about Job Onboarding

Job Onboarding.  Those two words typically induce groans and frustrated grimaces amongst print operations managers.   Even with all the workflow automation solutions available to streamline processes and reduce manual intervention, job onboarding remains one of the top workflow bottlenecks that impacts your profitability and your opportunities to win new clients and contracts.   The easy answer to resolve this may be to add additional resources.

But what if there was a better way – a smarter way – to onboard jobs?

It should be no surprise that one of the top contributing factors to the headache of job onboarding is the multitude of variations in the jobs themselves.   Transactional, marketing, print format, address location, barcode type and location, simplex or duplex print, concatenation requirements, etc.  The list goes on.  And the impact of these variations only becomes more pronounced with the increasing number of small jobs.   Then there are organizations that are implementing new capabilities such as integrity tracking across multiple applications or migrating all jobs to a new print solution.

Couple all this with inaccurate order information and you can begin to see how this can impact your operation.   The most significant being the loss of business and time to revenue.   Adding resources can certainly help, however, there may be additional risks by taking this approach.  The obvious is cost, but what if they are not adequately trained?   Job intake errors can have downstream repercussions such as rework, production delays, workflow disruptions that ultimately impact SLA and profitability.   In fact, one large print and service provider shared that they spend 4x the number of hours quoted to process and setup a job and they typically do not recoup those losses.   Has your operation looked at how much time and money has been lost for jobs that did not have accurate information?

There’s no question – now is the time to get smart about job onboarding.   And the experts at Crawford Technologies can help you do that with SmartSetup, our latest game-changing innovation.  SmartSetup streamlines the onboarding process to help accelerate time to revenue.  By reducing the complexities of job onboarding, you can reduce resource demands, gain greater processing flexibility, streamline workflow processes, ensure cost savings and achieve an improved ROI.   This new solution goes beyond just simply identifying and providing details about the incoming data streams.   Through assisted technology, SmartSetup intelligently ingests the printstream data to then automate and streamline the normalization of the jobs into a generic workflow-ready format.   The solution also reduces the need for skilled programmers in the job-setup and onboarding process by guiding users through interactive, sequential prompts to identify key data elements and setup steps.   This also helps to address the issue of costly errors and production delays due to inaccurate order information.

Ready to learn more?  We would love to speak with you about how SmartSetup is a smart choice for your operation.   Join us in Booth#541 at Print’19, October 3-5 in Chicago or in Booth#9962 at Printing United, October 23-25 in Dallas to hear more about how Smart Setup can help you with your onboarding headaches.

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September 26, 2019


  • Lynda Hansen
    Sr. Manager, Product Management

    Lynda Hansen is an accomplished senior product marketing professional with extensive experience in the technology industry. Currently serving as the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Crawford Technologies, Lynda brings a wealth of expertise in product positioning, go-to-market strategies, and product messaging.

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