The eDeliveryNow® Platform is an open and modular framework that utilizes REST APIs and Web Services to make it extensible and adaptable to meet current and future customer communication needs.


AccessibilityNow provides high levels of automation and integration into any environment, the platform includes software solutions and a wide range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of all organizations, large and small, private sector and governments of all levels.

How do you create a Customer Experience Platform as a Business Outsource Provider?

Before I answer that, let’s define what a “Customer Communication Delivery Platform” is and why it is important. As a service provider you offer a service to your customers. It is no longer 1990, and your customer isn’t picking up their desk phone every time they have a question or request. So, as a BPO or PSP you need to provide your clients with a Customer Communication Delivery Platform (CCDP) or a web portal for interacting with you and your services.

Many times, the features and services that you offer your clients, your value-add, and your competitive advantage is linked to how easily your CCDP makes doing business and the features that enable you to answer your clients’ needs and wants. Initial implementations of CCDPs replaced the internal “green screen” DOS style interface by providing a simple look-up interface that allowed CSRs to easily search for a customer’s mail or communication history and view the actual mail piece.

CCDPs have been used by BPOs and Service Providers for many years and are key to managing and delivering customer communications and for outsourcing. It is not uncommon for a provider to enable applications to be set up, designed, and even deliver channels specified and delivered directly from a well-built CCDP.

So, can you buy a CCDP or web Portal for your business? The answer is that there are many off-the-shelf systems that focus on specific areas. Fulfillment providers have a wide selection of on-premise or cloud-based solutions. However, in the world of transactional mail and omni-channel engagement, the eDelivery options are very thin. Most service providers that have been surveyed, state there is not a single, all encompassing

CCDP or web portal that allows them to manage and deliver their customer communications through a secure, modern, fully integrated offering.

For decades the leading BPO and PSP’s have been building and deploying their own CCDP’s, web portals and eDelivery solutions to maximize their competitive advantage and strengthen the relationship with their clients.

To create and deliver their solutions, easier and faster, many of the top 30 PSPs in North America have chosen to integrate Crawford Technologies solutions into their offerings. CrawfordTech has easy to integrate API based data transforms, eDelivery, and Post Composition tools that are designed to integrate customer communications, business systems and content services at scale to accommodate billions of pages a year while reducing development needs and simplifying the creation and delivery of complex critical communications.

Generic web portals are typically not flexible enough to solve all your clients’ needs. Maybe they can archive a document or even send an email, but do they have a fully brandable interface that offer your clients the ability to integrate with your composition offering, connect with your inventory system, control the preference for your omni-channel engagement or track every mail piece that runs through your facility?

The answer is NO.

However, with a vision and an understanding of what your clients need,  CrawfordTech has the software and solutions that, without any complex programming, enables you to access and present the data inside your current existing web infrastructure – delivering the ultimate in customer experience through your custom web portal quickly and easily.

Here are a few examples of CrawfordTech’s APIs in use today:

  1. The ability to take an AFP document from a production run on-the-fly, remove the 2D and mail barcodes and then present it on the web or to a mobile device in PDF or HTML formal, all executed within a sub-second response time.
  2. Build, create and manage Omni-Channel delivery for a large client. Many organizations outsource to BPO & PSPs since internal projects are typically cumbersome and internal politics can create roadblocks. PRO Preference Manager is a Preference Management database that is easy to integrate and can receive delivery preferences via API, data feed, DB call or even from a print file. It has the ability to connect with your ADF and extract, suppress, and transform every piece of communication to then deliver it based on the primary preference. This ensures the end-user will always receive their communications how they want and when they want.
  3. A large client needed the ability to rush print checks that had not yet been printed by their outsourcer. By sending an API call with CrawfordTech’s DTE PRO Transforms, the checks are extracted from the AFP files, converted to Postscript for printing with the correct tray call for the local device – all within milliseconds!  The original file is then flagged in the ADF to make sure that if for some reason it makes it to the printer and is printed, it will automatically be diverted by the mail inserter and not mailed. All managed by a few simple API calls.
  4. A large Telco provider needed their PSP to support eDelivery of accessible documents.  They simply licensed additional modules to transform their print data, and modified the API call to present accessible WCAG & PDF/UA files for online presentation.

Many times, your clients need new features, options, and customization.   If you have an off-the-shelf CCDP, then you could be waiting months or years for your software provider to incorporate the features that your clients need.

But if you build your own Web Portal and CCDP, your web team can then simply plan, modify, and deliver the ultimate offering using APIs.  One exciting example would be leveraging CrawfordTech’s APIs to create personalized videos from customer statements.

Integrating Crawford Technologies APIs and CCM solutions will enable you to create the ultimate Customer Communication Delivery Platform so you can create the competitive advantage that puts YOU in control of all your deliverables and offerings.

Partner with Crawford Technologies and build your own CCDP today.

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November 18, 2021


  • Lynda Hansen
    Sr. Manager, Product Management

    Lynda Hansen is an accomplished senior product marketing professional with extensive experience in the technology industry. Currently serving as the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Crawford Technologies, Lynda brings a wealth of expertise in product positioning, go-to-market strategies, and product messaging.

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